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As stupid and silly as some of these are – my little dude is singing about pee and poop. You gotta do a poo in the loo, poo in the loo, you gotta do a wee through the seat, wee through the seat.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Potty training can be very stressful, with lots of questions and concerns about what's "right".
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Not only is it totally entertaining for kids, I found a lot of the lyrics and subtle jokes entertaining for adults as well. Of course a DVD isn't a substitute for showing your child the correct mechanics of using the potty. Our main goal is for him to understand that the toilet is where your pee and poop go and it is NOT a toy or a place for him to play in the water. I feel like building interest in potty time is 90% of the battle in potty training and Elmo's Potty Time creates that interest.

To me, this is a motivational DVD that does an exceptional job encouraging kids to try the potty and builds their desire to try it on their own.
From there, we will help him understand that pee is not poop and poop is not pee (he’s confused). Anything that encourages kids to want to try the potty on their own is fantastic in my book! It's great to be able to sing the songs together to promote the potty in a positive way and build interest in using it.

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