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It may be that your child responded very well to initial potty training, but then started having more accidents later. After each accident take your child to the potty, sit them down and remind them to do a wee in the potty next time. If you are particularly worried when going out with your child, it is perfectly ok to put a pull-up on them. While talking with a fellow mother of a toddler, I made the joke that my toddler put the T in Toddler. After two years of trying, on and off, to potty train my toddler, it's safe to say, I've been through the potty training struggle.
In and effort to save you from my potty training plight, I've put together a list of 10 things that I couldn't have survived potty training without.
When you hear your baby cry for the first time it will be the single most amazing sound you have ever heard in your life. Once you get home, take deep breaths when you get overwhelmed, EVERY TIME you get overwhelmed. Looking back, I wish I was given more advice on how to deal with becoming a mother, and less on the three million different ways to rock a baby to sleep. Which, can be a hard sell to a child who's positive he's going to die if he doesn't get his way.

Without further ado, the one thing all toddlers have in common,  The five stages of a toddler meltdown. These comfortable inserts will protect the clothes (and shoes!) from most accidents but will leave your child feeling wet which is an essential part of learning to use a potty! Edward Christophersen says no matter how Find tips on dealing with toilet training setbacks and accidents. Sure, when you become a mom you still have Happy Hours, except now they are called, nap time. Emergency Change Kit- I keep an emergency change kit, with wipes, in my car so if there's an accident, I don't have to scramble for wipes or new clothes. I personally do not like the constant baby stuck to my breast while my husband watches TV, plays on his computer or sleeps, I want to slap him. What's more, you never know what to believe since one book will contradict the next, and what one mother swears by, another mother will insist did not work for her baby. I needed to know about the self-doubt and failures that came along with motherhood, or that having a baby would take a huge toll on my marriage and personal life if I let it.
Anger- When tears and a few half-assed tries to get their way ceases to work, ANGER sets in. Make sure all your children's clothes are machine washable and buy some cheap extra jogging bottoms and underpants if necessary.

Once I accepted the fact that my child would ONLY potty train on his time and terms, I relaxed a little. I started with mini M&Ms, but quickly realized my kid would have a mouthful of cavities at the rate he was "going potty" for a treat.
Yet I whip out the booby every three hours and dream about my sainthood I just know I will get for this incredible miracle I keep pulling off of continuing to feed my baby.
Whenever the kid would have an accident, rather than scramble to find the products I needed to clean up the mess, I would just grab the bin on my way to him, and his mess.
When necessary, a dead drop to the ground is followed by flailing arms and legs, to convey just how pissed off he is. After a couple of unpleasant nights, I sought out nighttime specific diapers for toddlers, not big babies.
Flushable wipes came to the rescue by stopping him from trying to unroll and use, the ENTIRE toilet paper roll. While I hope and pray he is night trained sooner than later, I'm not taking any chances on middle of the night surprises.

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