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February 25, 2013 by Shauna · As you all know, we just LOVE The Victoria Chart Company! The Victoria Chart Company believes in offering positive reinforcement to get children on the correct path to what they should be doing.
My favorite part of each of the charts The Victoria Chart Companies offer is that they use adorable pictures to help the little ones see what they are to do! CLICK HERE to read all about this chart and use discount code VCHART15 for 15% off your order!!! First of all – you must follow my blog – The Giveaways I host are for my wonderful readers. I would like the potty training chart the most because I am going to be working with my 2 year son in the Spring to use the potty like a big boy! I love the bedtime one but I think I have more need for the potty training chart right now.
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Parents of children in the toddler room also receive daily activity reports (the "toddler tattler").

Friday, April 4th, 2014: "Frozen" movie night at the Bluffton Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. They have assisted us with charting day-to-day activities, as well as, getting and keeping Little Miss in bed. They do this by making fun and eye-catching charts that provide a central focus for both you and child to work from. To be considered an Adventures of 8 reader, you must either follow me via RSS Feed or receive my once daily email.
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As in the infant room, we always try to have an extra staff member over the ratio guidelines. Children in the toddler room sit at a small, child size table as a group for meals and snack time. We encourage hands on activities, which teach other important lessons such as helping others, sharing and cleaning up. Well, now they have stepped up again to assist our little ones in the big step of POTTY TRAINING!

As a positive reinforcement to a job well done, a child earns fun stickers to put on the chart. This is not considered an entry, but rather a requirement in order to enter any of my giveaways:) I do verify that you subscribe one way or another, at the time of the winner drawing! At that point, YOU MUST COMPLETE EVERY SINGLE ENTRY that you see, (they are ALL mandatory) then once you are completed with those entries, you have the option to complete extra entries.
Schedules are important for toddlers and are closely followed in order to give the children consistency. The toddler room is a place where children can do these things in safe and acceptable ways. Ugh, I know, I know, potty training can be such a hassle and headache, so much so that I actually put off potty training Baby Miss for almost a month because it is such hard work. Well, our friends at The Victoria Chart Company know how hard it is and have put together a potty training KIT to help.
Creativity is encouraged with artistic activities such as painting (brush and finger), coloring with crayons, markers and chalk, as well as using glue and scissors.

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