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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Your budding Teen Idol as they begin the long road towards stardom and proving themselves to themselves and the Sim Audience that will vote them into Stardom! To accomplish this head to the nearest computer with your Teen and have 'em start saying Awww!
Once your Teen arrives they need to use the board on the pier to devise their plan, after which they will have unlocked the Keyboard object at the store! Now that your Teen has started the Music Hobby they just need to continue it for three more music pieces for the keyboard this part of the Quest to unlock the next instrument. As with the previous task this is not 9 new pieces but rather the three new ones for the Drum Kit combined with the six you have already unlocked with the previous instruments.
Now that you have completed another set of three songs you have unlocked the Electric Guitar, which you need for the next round of the contest and the unlocking of three more songs!
Again once you have unlocked the three songs that are in the 4th row you will have unlocked this step as well as the Microphones - so buy the best Mic you can afford and then polish off the last three songs for this set and unlock teh Magazine Photo-shoot as well as complete this massive segment of the Quest!

If you can afford to spend the Life Points on better quality instruments it is a really good idea to do so, since a one-star instrument actually takes 2 hours or more to complete a song! The path to being a Teen Idol rotates around the newest Hobby and its related collection, all of which has the writing of new songs as its focus.
Part of this Quest series is the Sim Sign Quest - which requires you to have your town reach Level 25, and complete the Teen Idol Quest Series. Once you have completed the Fame Quest you can start building the Sim Sign -- which means repeating the Teen Fame-based Hobby to collect their special resources. Which if you did not realize it are the last three collection lines of the Teen Music Hobby. The newest addition to the landscape is the very distinctive Simville Sign that can only be re-constructed via the hard work and creativity of your Sim Teen Idol! Completing the Sims Sign has its own special benefits depending upon the level of completion you have managed to obtain. Once you reach the point in this new Event and Quest chain at which you are working towards obtaining the resources for completing the Simville Sign, you have also reached the point at which your attention will turn back towards completing the rest of the build sites for the town resources.
Particularly you will want to focus upon obtaining the required prerequisites for building the High School, which at a minimum means advancing your town to Level 30 (the level that is required in order to have the Population level that is actually required to build the High School).

As you work your way towards Level 30 some emphasis should be placed upon coordinating the various Relationships that are required to expand the town Population in terms of Children - which means married couples (not necessarily male-female couples either mind you as FreePlay fully supports all types of relationships including same-sex marriage which, if you think about it, is pretty cool, just saying).
While single Sims can adopt via the phone that process requires you to spend real-world money. Getting the first collection completed is just the beginning but as you work towards completing the Sim Sign by repeating the collection you will eventually cap-off the new Teen Idol Hobby and it will become a source for extra Life Points as well!
I've been trying for over 2 weeks to write 3 pieces of music on the keyboard but I keep getting Ballad. It's the only thing available from the home store but it won't let me actually place them any where .
The electric guitars are equivalent to the cheap guitar, standard guitar, and expensive guitar. Also I thought that I needed the microphone to compleye line 4 of the notes but I needed to complete line 4 of the notes to unlock the microphone.

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