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Toddler Room with a play area – I really like how the books face forward for the little ones who can’t read yet!
You’ll see how well you can fit cars, sport, and other themes your son love in his bedroom. As you can see most of these rooms have pink as the main color but we all know that this color is perfect for our princesses. She seems to be for more traditional (ie, stale, boring, mini-adult) style bedrooms for kids.

For you, that means you can either embrace their current loves and design the room accordingly (knowing they will outgrow the room soon) or go for a traditional feel.
Either way, you will need to keep in mind safety because your child will have more unsupervised time at night than they had in a crib. I love parts of all of these rooms, but in Kathy’s favorite (number 3) the only part I like are the butterflies.
We’ve put together a collection of boys toddler room ideas to inspire your next room!

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