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No longer a fun pastime just for preschoolers, children as young as one can have fun scooting – all you need is a Mini Micro Scooter and this awesome Kick3 seat.
The Kick3 seat has two adjustable seat heights, starting with the lowest at twenty-two centimetres, then moving up to twenty-nine centimetres before being removed completely. Mum-of-three Lexi lives in a sleepy South Australian town, hours away from the hubbub of the city enduring 45 degree summers and icy cold winters. We also have special newsletter-only offers and competitions that are exclusive to Babyology subscribers.
When our boys were two we had a 10 year old neighbor who was extremely cute and would come over to play with the boys most days after school.
The greatest part of this scooter is the slow, easy turning, a feature I haven’t seen on any other scooter.
I love my boys, but I don’t think anyone would call them the most physically coordinated of children. So, if your little one is begging for their older sibling’s scooter, consider the Mini Kick Micro – now in pink too! Well with Ybike in Australia now they the generation of Auzie Cricketers might make the semis in the next Twenty20 World Cup. We have a very similar scooter for our 2.5 year old, that was given to him by a family friend.

Converting Mini Micro scooters to toddler scooters is easy, it’s simply a matter of slotting the seat and O-bar into the existing Mini Micro Scooter deck, adjusting the seat height and off your little one can roll.
The fantastic O-bar has a handlebar height of forty-nine centimetres and can even be used without the seat until your child is tall enough to switch it for the regular Mini Micro Scooter T-bar.
A penchant for all things beautiful and clever, when not writing you'll find Lexi behind her sewing machine or lurking on Instagram, where she (tragically) displays an equal love for both hashtags and food. He would also ride his big kids scooters over thus inspiring a very early and obsessive love of scooters in the hearts and minds of certain twin boys. Most have handlebars that actually turn, leading to accidental turning and then falling, tears and possible bleeding. They aren’t overly clumsy or anything, but I am not anticipating any Olympic medals in their future or anything. This is an award winning Balance Bike from South Africa that focus on the Balance development of toddlers.
They could barely reach the handle bars of the big kid style razor scooter and if they managed to stand on the thing they would fall over immediately.  What we needed was a little kids scooter, a scooter for toddlers.
Well, I was astounded by how well they managed to actually use these toddler scooters from a very early age. Do you have a prize winning photograph of your Mini Micro scooter in action which you’d like to share?

Well, after exhaustive research on toddler scooters that consisted mainly of reading reviews on Amazon I ordered two Mini Kick Micro Scooters and a happy Birthday was had by all.
Instead, when you lean the wheels turn slightly to the right or left, causing slow, gentle turning.
This toy has two wheels in front for more stable steering, comes fully assembled, and folds for easy storage.
There are none of those sharp turns which lead to the aforementioned tipping and potential bleeding. With your consent we will update the pictures on our website regularly and every month a winner will be chosen and will receive a free Mini Micro scooter.
As parents and directors, we value your comments on our products and are keen to gather as much feedback as possible.

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