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Our youngest son really loves barnyard animals so this little farm house was perfect for him. Learning Mode: in learning mode the different barnyard actives teach your child what is happening.
The center of the barn has a big swinging barnyard door that makes different sounds when in different modes of play. There’s a piggy that rolls around in the mud, when you spin his belly, he changes from dirty to clean.

About LesleyMy name is Lesley, I have three kids and my life is all giggles, diapers, toys and laundry. The great thing about Fisher Price toys is that they really engage small children and encourage their use of imaginary play and exploration. Above the barn is a barnyard window that switches from day to night and on the opposite side is a song bird that sings the alphabet and does different things in different modes of play.
While we don’t have this one, we have lots of little people items including the barns.

You can’t be Fisher Price for quality and engagement either, all four of my kids have loved items from that brand. If you buy something through the links on this website we will get compensation which helps pay the operating costs of this site and some bills at home.

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