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See belly pictures from my first pregnancy and belly pictures from my second pregnancy and my third pregnancy. But it’s been taking an hour or more to rock Rosie, and as soon as Anthea stirs in the bed, Rosie is distracted. I’m a nationally published sleep expert, journalist, and the mom of three young kids. The quickest way to transition your child to swaddle-free sleeping is to simply stop using the swaddle.
Even if you opt for one of these newfangled swaddling wraps, remember that practice makes perfect.
Some new parents feel that wrapping a baby’s arms inside a swaddle looks uncomfortable and confining, but arms-in is the way to go at first. Similarly, sometimes parents will wrap a swaddle loosely because a tight wrap seems less comfortable—and probably would be, to us adults. Pros: The streamlined design is very lightweight, so baby isn't overwrapped or overheated, and the fabric is fairly stretchy, making it easy to get a snug fit. Cons: This blanket requires some swaddling know-how, so it may flummox new parents or babysitters at first.
This blanket is as goof-proof as they come: Swaddling instructions are actually printed on the tag! Pros: This blanket is simple, easy to use, and comes in a bunch of cute patterns and prints. This half-swaddle, half sleep-sack is a good option for babies 3-6 months old who are outgrowing other swaddling wraps.
Next week I'll talk about how to tell if your baby is ready to ditch the swaddle, and how to make the transition to swaddle-free sleeping.
Do you have a sleep or parenting question that you'd like me to address in an upcoming article or blog post? This picture was taken last week, when Rosemary just zonked out on the sofa next to me while I was feeding Anthea. Then Anthea wakes up and cries, and then I have to lay Rosemary down and attend to Anthea, and then Rosemary freaks out.
Anthea woke up 45 minutes into my Rosemary Rock, and Rosemary had just barely fallen asleep.
Here are three mom-tested methods that will have your child snoozing swaddle-free in no time. If you’re feeling brave, just pack the swaddle away and proceed with your bedtime routine.
You can stop using the swaddle at night but continue using a swaddle-like technique for soothing during the wind-down routine. To transition your child out of the swaddle with this method, first wrap your child with one arm out, then after a few days, try both arms out.

In multiple studies, swaddling has been shown to enhance development in low birth-weight infants and help babies sleep for longer stretches with fewer awakenings.
Every baby is different, and your bundle of joy might prefer being bundled a different way than the baby down the street. For a brand-newborn, a swaddle offers blessed relief from the bizarre appendages that keep startling him, scratching him, and whacking in the face at all hours. When you begin finding your swaddled babe happily gnawing his knuckles in the morning, usually around three months, you can experiment with leaving an arm out of the swaddle to see if your baby prefers that method. I know lots of new parents about to deliver in the next month or two, and I'm looking forward to snuggling lots of tiny babies. It consists of a sack for baby's bottom half and a loooong strip of fabric to wrap around (and around, and around) baby's upper half. This one's organic buttery-soft stretch fabric manages to be just stretchy enough, encasing baby in a snug wrap that's both comfortable and firm. As with other traditional swaddling blankets, babies will end up wrapped in several layers of this blanket, so it may be too warm for hot climates or summer babies. At 42" by 42", it's one of the largest swaddling blankets out there, big enough to wrap larger, older babies who've outgrown other wraps.
Parents quickly learn that a swaddled baby can get hot (most of us have unwrapped a sweaty, mad baby at some point). Fleece is not breathable, and being trapped inside layers and layers of fleece is sure to make your baby hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.
I cautiously laid her down and she immediately started screaming when I closed her door and left with Anthea. Subscribe to The Well Rested Family for fresh news and tips on keeping your bunch happy and healthy.
Once new parents get the hang of the swaddling thing, they can get pretty attached to the practice of swaddling, and they’re understandably reluctant to part with this sleep-supporter. Older babies kick and roll and can work their wrap loose, which can lead to unsafe sleeping conditions. By the time babies are ready for less swaddling, most only need it for bedtime soothing, and not while sleeping. Luckily, there are wonderful swaddling products that make the entire process much simpler (I wrote about my five favorite swaddlers last week, from easy-peasy Velcro wraps to old-fashioned flannel blankets). When wrapping an actual, living, breathing, kicking newborn, speed and confidence come in handy.
These strange new accessories are his hands and arms, and they’re foreign to brand-new infants at first.
Thinking back to the newborn days with my own children made me appreciate the importance of a good swaddle, so I'm dedicating a few posts to the topic. Swaddling supports sleep by calming infants with a tight, womb-like feeling, soothing flailing limbs (which are foreign and scary to newborns at first), and keeping little ones from "startling" themselves awake.

At some point, most new parents will find themselves either puzzling the strange swaddle-wrap they got at their shower or frantically perusing the selection at a local baby store while rocking a crying baby in the shopping cart. Unique design is effective for swaddling stronger babies who "break out" of other swaddling wraps.
Some parents find that blankets without stretch "hold" best all night, especially for strong babies who kick or resist swaddling. The hardest thing about having both children is that there are times when both of them need me. Babies often outgrow swaddling before parents are ready to move on to the next stage (kids keep this habit of outpacing their parents as they grow, by the way).
Remember that the swaddle served as a sleep "trigger" for your child—its presence helped cue his brain that sleep was near. In other words, the swaddle is a sleep cue that aids in falling asleep, but once the child is asleep, she doesn’t need it. Swaddling a baby who no longer wants to needs to be swaddled is difficult at best (babies are deceptively strong!); at worst, it's unsafe if an older baby kicks his swaddle loose and winds up bunched in fabric (see mistake 2). With no Velcro, decoration, or other bells and whistles, this blanket is very durable and will last through several kids. I have been waiting until Anthea is fed and asleep and then laying Anthea down at one end of Rosemary’s crib. Because many parents who have swaddled since birth literally can’t picture their child sleeping any other way. So when you remove it from your child’s routine, replace it with another sleep cue, like a sleep sack or something similar (this process is described in Ready, Set, Sleep). To employ this method, use a snug swaddle-esque blanket wrap during your child’s bedtime routine and then remove it once she's very drowsy or asleep.
Wrapping too loosely also increases the likelihood that the wrap will work its way up around a baby’s neck and head, which is also unsafe. Then I take up Rosemary and rock her while Anthea sleeps, lay Rosemary down asleep at the other end of the bed, and take Anthea into the other room, leaving Rosemary to nap peacefully.
I liked rocking and cuddling her, especially as I got closer to having Anthea and I knew this time of being a mother to one was coming to an end. This is the only way I can do things, as I cannot leave Anthea unattended for obvious reasons. Mama!” and occasionally crying, but then also laughing and playing with Elmo and her stuffed dog.

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