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Listen to a toddler if he suddenly begins to cry or makes unusual noise with or without an unusual movement. Check for any episodes where the child seems to stare off into space and does not appear to hear or see when someone is attempting to get her attention. Monitor the child for any changes in muscle strength -- for example, if they suddenly drop things or fall. Call 911 immediately if the toddler does not regain consciousness, begins to show signs of difficulty breathing (skin becomes bluish), hits his head during seizure activity or has back-to-back seizures. A seizure is what results because of a great deal of nerve cells (that is, neurons) simultaneously giving out an electrical charge. In a few serious cases, the child may also vomit, become breathless and lose bladder control. Many parents whose children are suffering with either grand mal or absence seizures are completely nonplused on their child’s first fit.
ASD Spectrum Disorders, commonly known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs), are responsible for general impairment in feeling, language, thinking and ability to respond to others.
Tantrums in children who have ASD are common, so your knowledge towards it can really help your child to overcome it easily. A child with tantrums associated with ASD is not a spoiled, demon possessed or stubborn kid. Browse through other sections of this website, to explore more answers to the confusions and myths people have about seizures. Charlotte Figi (pictured since her treatment), six, has Dravet syndrome - a rare and severe form of epilepsy. After years of researching possible cures, her desperate parents have resorted to feeding her marijuana - after stumbling across the controversial treatment online. Six-year-old Charlotte had her first seizures when she was just three-months-old, she had a normal birth and has a twin sister.Within a week, she had started to suffer from violent seizures several times a day.
The six brothers have been working for years cross-breeding a strain of marijuana that has medicinal properties but does not trigger psychoactivity or induce a 'high'.According to CNN, the strain is low in tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound in marijuana that is s psychoactive. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The most vivid symptoms are convulsions, where the child may undergo rhythmic jerking, muscle spasms, and have difficulty in breathing.

Depending on the kind of seizure and the history of episodes in the patient, there may be subtle signs that the person may have prior to the seizure taking place. This can happen right in the middle of playing with no warning or the toddler may appear disoriented right before the seizure begins. A child who cries out without being able to focus when being called or comforted may be in an active seizure. Some seizures cause the person to lose all muscle tone, called atonic seizures, rather than become stiff as in some kinds of seizures. Seizures in toddlers can be quite frightening for the person trying to help and this fear often incapacitates them.
Typically, the child's body twitches for a few seconds to a few minutes during the seizure.
It has been observed that toddlers suffer from this problem after immunization with DTP or MMR vaccination. Baby tantrums, an expected loss of control over emotions, can cause parents to wonder if they have done something bad or often are confused whether their baby is more likely to live a life with frustration. With the below explanations, I hope you become clear that tantrums in children can be seemed to be like seizures or vice-versa. Pervasive Developmental Disorders are usually diagnosed in the early childhood and can range between mild to a severe form. She was eventually diagnosed with Dravet syndrome - a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy that begins in infancy.Children with the condition tend to develop normally as babies but progress starts to plateau in the second year of life. This is then diluted to a precise dosage.a€?Charlotte receives cannabis oil under her tongue, twice a day. It is also high in cannabidiol, or CBD, which has medicinal properties but no psychoactivity. You can tell if your child has seizures when you notice any change in the level of alertness. Freeman enjoys a loyal readership who follow her blogs and an online magazine she created called Urban ELITE. Though the seizure lasts only for a few minutes, it can be quite distressing for parents to see their child suffer from it.
However, you need not to worry; tantrums in children are often confused with fits, which is not the case.

The severe form of PDD is called the autistic disorder and the mild form is known as Asperger syndrome.
The exact dosage is carefully measured and strictly controlled.a€™Mrs Figi has been in contact with the Stanley brothers who run a non-profit organisation, called the Realm of Caring Foundation, which provides cannabis to adults and children suffering from epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's, who cannot afford it. She is a professionally certified Emergency Medical Technician, currently working on her paramedic certification.
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, there are more than 30 types of known seizures, broken down into two categories: Focal seizures and Generalized seizures. Your respond or action to your baby’s tantrum should be different and not be confused with fits.
The symptoms of seizures are varied and it includes a loss of unconsciousness, jerks, frequent movement of arms and legs or rolling eyes which are not observed in a child having tantrums. Apart from these two disorders, there are two rare disorders which can also be found in children with PDD, they are Childhood disintegrative disorder and Rett syndrome.
When the seizure runs its course, the patient calms down, so is the similarity with tantrums. Focal seizures, also known as partial seizures, include those where the person is still conscious but experiences various sensations during the seizure.
It is best not to panic or to attempt to hold the child tight to prevent the convulsive body movements. Generalized seizures typically cause the person to become unconscious and he may experience jerking motions or may not move at all.
These various types of seizures may appear differently, so it is important to know what kind the child has and be able to determine when one is taking place. In most cases, febrile seizures do not cause any lasting damage to the brain or the spinal cord and are not the sign of epilepsy.

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