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My boys are older but one thing that hasn’t changed about toddlers since I had one is that things around the house can be so much more fun than store bought toys. It seems that whenever I start feeling crummy I find that I have no meds in the house and the last thing I want to do is run to town with all my kids in tow and buy some medication to give me some relief. You can make these toddler sensory bags ahead of time and then stash them away for your next sick day! Squirt a good dollop of hair gel into the plastic bag, add your beads and then squish out the air and zip it shut.
When you are feeling under the weather pull out your activity box for the kids and let them be entertained! I would have never considered making my own sensory bags for little eyes and hands to play with. Make Your Own Mini PB&J Finger Foods Perfect For Toddlers Learning To Feed Themselves!
X already has a lot of traditional baby toys that he inherited from his sister, so for his Christmas presents, I wanted to "think outside the box" a bit. For the first present, I decided to make two sensory boards that hung on our walls, close to the ground, so that they could easily be reached by a sitting baby.
When he first got his presents at Christmas, X's favorite things were the texture squares, the mirror, the touchlight (we need to turn it on for him), and the dangling chains (he loves the sound of them). S loves helping him turn on the touchlight, and showing him all the different locks she can do. Though I initially hung the fabric hoops directly to the wall, I've since upgraded to mounting them to another MDF square as I feel they are more secure that way, so I would suggest going that route initially if you are planning on making something like this. Though I enjoy the look of the embroidery hoops, you can certainly just use fabric swatches, or mount them to cardboard, etc, as the method of presentation. The original called for a child to drop colored vinegar into a pie tin or baking ban full of baking soda using a medicine dropper. Dear all you grown up reader people, It's been awhile since Mama had me post on here. I recently was going through some old posts, and found this one , in which I state my intentions to work on a few things with Ellie.
Sensory activities which also function as small world play are great kids activities and fantastic boredom busters.

Please engage in the following kids activity ONLY if the children no longer put foreign objects in their mouths AND an adult is around to supervise.
While it was a sensory activity for my toddler, it was all about creating story lines and small world play for my preschooler.
We're all about making learning fun, and for the littlest of kids, that's never too much of a challenge. Toddler Height 20" - Sand and Water table provides ultimate splash control with clear, tuff, nine-inch deep acrylic tub. Do alphabet beads in one bag to help them learn their letters, various colors, sizes, etc and tell them to move the beads around and group them by colors, size, etc. When To See A Doctor & When NOT ToHuge List Of Things To Do This Summer To Prevent Bored Kids!St. I used to love to make sensory bins for my daughter, but I kept it to solid things because I didn’t want the mess. I have a little boy that would spend a lot of time with these, so I am looking forward to putting these together for him. We just printed out animals and water birds that live in and around ponds and picked out our animals from our stash.
The plastic plants from our old fish tank went in, along with foam lily pads and then in went all our pond life. Possible topics : life cycle of a frog, animal facts, pond as a wildlife habitat, animal diet.
Our decorative beads are a colorful, crystal polymer water substitute for plants and flowers. Whether you're looking for ways to entertain your own tot at home, or for fun activities for a playgroup, you've come to the right place.
While you can do your best to stay germ free, chances are you will get sick at one point or another and you will still have to take care of your children. Pick up some cheap, colored hair gel, various colored beads (the dollar store has some fun ones!), zip top plastic bags and clear packing tape. These are great learning activities and help reinforce different concepts for them, all while you can get a little rest on the couch!
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I love it even more because they work perfectly when I need an activity which will work for 2 different age groups. Whenever we have sensory activities or small world activities planned out, I set up a self-serve sensory bin creating station. I love when the child participates in the kids activity set up process since  I believe that is just as important. We didn’t do any because the kids were too giddy with their multiple story lines about bird-eating frogs!
The beads absorb over 100 times their weight in water to form glass-like pearls that slowly release water back into their environment. These nine activities are designed to engage the senses, and many have the added bonus of challenging fine and gross motor skills as well. And, since they are the only early learning furniture manufacturer to use both birch and Rainbow Accents materials, your furniture options are endless. These are always activities that they don’t normally get to do so they will easily hold their interest for at least 20 minutes! You can also rely on maximum strength nighttime cold and flu relief, so you can take back your night. Toddlers love sensory activities and preschoolers whose imagination are taking off in full speed will adore creating their play scenes. Of course this works only if the child co-operates and is very much interested in the activity.
So while I can’t come over and watch your kids for you next time you get sick, I can help you prepare so you have some activities up your sleeve to keep your toddlers busy while you rest on the couch!
These DIY toddler sensory bags are mess-free and perfect for stealing a little quiet time while they play!

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