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With its soft pastels and rounded edges, Oswald’s world is like a nursery come to life.
Hats off to this new show for its inventive, fresh take on action-adventure in the quest to deliver edutainment. Little Bill is a charming, imaginative five-year-old who is allowed to experience something rare in kids shows today: frustration and anger. Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling are Backyardigans for the younger set. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Attention to all parents out there who immediately get het up and judge-y whenever the topic of children and TV comes up: You probably want to leave now.
Below, I have compiled a list of some of the shows we’ve loved and hated, with both my assessment and a review from Noah, Preschooler TV Connoisseur.
Summary: A strange show from another age, but teaches kids about facial expressions, manners, responsibility, OMGTRAIIIIINS. Summary: Animal negligence aside, this is a very well-animated show that is actually pretty cute. Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy!
My boys LOVE calliou- yes he is whiny, but so are they- I like that the parents act like real parents. Yo Gabba Gabba is a fav, TC (26 months) looses his ever-lovin’ mind everytime DJ Lance peeks his head over the boombox at the beginning. Word World is also neat but I think I like it more because the animation is so bizarre…like how do they make the word into the character, so beyond my stick figure skills. FWIW, Blue’s Clues is one of the most heavily-researched, developmentally-appropriate preschool shows out there. One of the things the Noggin and PBS shows have over airings on Nickelodeon and various Disney channels is NO COMMERCIALS. I HATE Wonder Pets and new Sesame Street because they have characters (I think it’s the duck on Wonder Pets and Elmo on SS) that speak with a lisp on purpose. The reader did not say what his son is interested in, but if his son is half as obsessed with animals as my kids are, then Bindi the Jungle Girl on Discovery Kids might be a hit, too. I wish my son would love the shows I grew up watching like Garfield and Friends and Classic Nickelodeon. Beautiful expressive adorable happy cute laughing smiling baby infant face showing tongue, isolated. Beautiful expressive adorable happy cute laughing smiling baby infant face from side, isolated. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. There was also an episode that featured Grandpa Phil’s jaw detaching from his head and one where Arnold’s weird cousin and his friends have their “Children of the Corn” moment.
Seriously though, someone tell me how Cousin Skeeter was a puppet with a normal human family and nobody said a damn word?! In a perfect world, our kids would spend their days studying under private tutors, with plenty of breaks to go play outside. We do let our little ones watch TV sometimes, and so as not to feel badly about it, we look for shows that are (1) educational, and (2) able to keep our children’s interest.
The Kratt brothers are real-life zoologists, so they’re qualified to convey this information. It’s also a little bit like Little Einsteins, in that they travel to interesting parts of the world and help others.
If your little one is into science, [reverse] engineering, or gadgets, I’d highly recommend Sid the Science Kid. This show was developed by the Jim Henson Company and ran on PBS until last year, when it was acquired by Spout.

Leave us a comment with your favorite educational, entertaining shows for toddlers & preschoolers. Do You Have Twins or Multiples?Register to receive site updates and new articles by e-mail. Baby Sleep Training 101 is the complete guide to establishing healthy baby sleep habits and teaching your baby to sleep through the night.
If your little one wakes up with a song in her heart, dances all day, and sings herself to sleep each night, then youa€™ve probably been searching for a TV show with characters that love music as much as she does!With so many kida€™s shows out there, and only so many hours in the day youa€™ll let your little one indulge in TV, how can you make the most of her musical inclinations and keep her entertained with characters she can relate to, and maybe even dance with?Here are 7 great shows for kids who love music!1. Follow the hat-doffing octopus and his wiener dog on trips to the park, where he tries to care for a naughty cat or protect an egg. When they get the call, they fly off to solve problems for another animal, such as finding band members for a punk-rock skunk.
Pingu is a 5-year-old penguin filmed in short clips of stop-animation that evoke Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Except for my Pinky doll, who is still kind of my lovey, but I will deny it and hide her under my bed if you walk in my room and catch me talking to her. I deleted the pass from our TiVo but kept his favorite episode about the Cheese Monster just in case, because I know the instant I delete it he will suddenly be all about the Cheese Monster again. Your baby bird has just been rescued from certain destruction when you left it in its nest ON TOP OF A VOLCANO and then you come back all, “Oh! The hosts are hilarious physical comics and the show emphasizes a lot of modeling, imitation and pretend play. But again, strong female lead that appeals to girls AND boys, teaches kids about sequencing, Spanish vocab, unrealistic images regarding your standard backpack capacity.
So many memories, so many overhauls and reformatting decisions and attempts to compete with the newer shows have honestly left it as a shell of what we remember. Lots of hipster icons, celebrity guests, 80s video game animation, indie rock bands…and at the heart, a really earnest show that teaches social skills and self-help concepts. Narrated by Joan Cusack and jokes that are funny to parents as well, it’s the adventures of a chick (Peep), a bird (Chirp) and a duck (Duck). Sometimes we can get him to watch Oswald the octopus, but basically he only watches Backyardigans.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. As soon as Tommy would start tumbling around in his diaper during that intro I was so excited that I failed to notice the size of Tommy's head and other creepy aspects of that show. How about that baby's face in the sun, or the vacuum cleaner named Noo-noo, or tubby custard, or the fact that there are TV screens in the bellies of multi-colored, mythological alien-like species? Each show features music by a famous composer and art by a famous artist, so this show teaches a little bit of culture as well as team work and problem-solving.
They make it interesting, too, covering such animals as the platypus and the great white shark. He’s an energetic little guy (with a very patient mom) who likes inventing things, doing little experiments. The five friends all live in houses that back up to one another, and they meet every day to have (pretend) adventures in their back yards. Sesame Street has been around since most of us parents were children, and it’s simply amazing how timeless (and excellent) the show remains. Jacka€™s Big Music ShowThis is one of the best kida€™s shows for any little one who loves music, dancing, and generally having fun.Jack, his best friend Mary, and his dog Mel have a club-house filled with musical instruments, and theya€™re always trying a new kind of music, from Beach Boys-inspired rock to country to jazz to opera and even speed polka!Guest stars, like Laurie Berkner, abound, and therea€™s never a dull moment.Your little Maestro will love it! At the height of each drama, Oswald sings a little song to himself limning the problem and how he feels. The simple songs, voiced by kids, really pull in young viewers, as do the story lines and visual effects of photo cut-out characters. Sometimes I totally use the TV as a babysitter — while I get work done, take a shower, prepare dinner or (GASP) just want to sit on the couch and stare blankly and blissfully at the wall for 22 minutes.

Noah is completely bored by it, but he LOVES watching the old-school clips of my favorite songs and animated shorts on YouTube. As a parent of a kid who admittedly struggles in these areas, it’s been a HUGE help as we try to get him to interact with other kids, talk to them, take turns, try new foods, brush his teeth, etc.
It will haunt your nightmares, it will haunt your dreams, it will have you singing that stupid freaking cake song for days and days and days.
Even Sprout, which is the PBS preschool channel, has commercials – most of which are not aimed at kids.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. She carried locks of his hair, collected jars of his toenails and even built a shrine to Arnold in her bedroom, which is definitely not normal behavior for a 10-year-old. Not only that, but this inanimate, stuffed ball of puppet material was a reckless ladies man. In the real world, parents have messes to clean up, bills to pay, and piles upon piles of laundry. Caillou’s cute and energetic, with an authentic talent for saying things that are a bit gauche. What keeps the kids interested is the way they use humor, music, and songs to explore otherwise-dry concepts like science and nature. Their creativity seems to have no limits — one day they might all be pirates, another day they might be running around ancient Greece. It’s a moment that is at once tuneful and effortless, just the way your toddler sounds when playing on her own.
With short bursts of narration, interactive problem solving, and super-catchy songs, this show completely engaged my skeptical 7-year-old as well as my preschooler. Likewise, when Little Bill deliberately ruins a friend’s picture out of spite, he refuses to apologize until he has worked his own gradual way to remorse.
In each story, Pingu resolves problems like whether to save a naughty duck that splatters him with bird droppings. We’ve probably sampled most of the popular preschooler television programs out there. Could very well be adorable and well-done, but Noah wandered out of the room during the opening credits the first time it was on and we’ve never tried again.
Chuckie's dad was so lonely before Chuckie's birth that he talked to a sock puppet, and everything about Angelica's mom was horrifying. Every episode is a funny, crazy adventure, and also features some real science on how animals survive and thrive out in the wild. If it wasn’t obvious from the team name, this show teaches the alphabet as well as basic spelling and word recognition. Sesame Street features a great cast of colorful puppet characters, but there are a couple of stand-out favorites in our house: Elmo and Cookie Monster.
In its refusal to dumb things down, Little Bill is a revelatory reminder that drama and life lessons are built right into childhood — no magical creatures required. Like your son, Blue’s Clues remains our longest-running favorite, the first show that Noah ever watched and still adores.
Diego is still a win here, though he’s kind of over Dora, which is fantastic because WHY DOES EVERYONE ON THAT SHOW HAVE TO SCREAM ALL THE TIME. Plus, so many of their dream sequences involved clowns, oversized babies and distorted-looking characters. He probably learned most of his preschool concepts before starting preschool thanks to that show.

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