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But while many parents choose to room-share, for one reason or another, plenty of other parents room-share out of necessity – there’s simply nowhere else for the baby to sleep! If you have the option to move your baby out of your room during sleep training, know that doing so will probably make sleep training a little easier. Between long night wakings, struggles at bedtime and naps that feel all over the place, baby and toddler sleep challenges can be tough! Once you make your choice and purchase, you will immediately receive an e-mail with your Helpdesk login information. Our Members Area is packed with exclusive content and resources: e-Books, assessments, detailed case studies, expert advice, peer support, and more. For those persistent nighttime struggles, check out The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep. If you’re looking for ways to get your baby or toddler into a healthy sleeping routine during the day, I encourage you to explore Mastering Naps and Schedules, a comprehensive guide to napping routines, nap transitions, and all the other important “how-tos” of good baby sleep. For those persistent toddler sleep struggles, check out The 5 Step System to Help Your Toddler Sleep. Join over 300,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE! So now he’s 14 months old, and we still do wake maybe 4 nights a week to hear him stir and cry out for a quick second or two. As for making the transition, expect it to take at least a few days (and maybe a week or two) for your baby to fully adjust to sleeping in a new place. Oy Vey… our now almost 11 month son was sleeping in his crib from day one until about three months. It is often an overall process to transition a toddler to sleeping in their own bed or back to their own bed. The good news is that you can gently help her learn to get back to sleeping soundly at night. Essentially, your goal here is to help her learn to fall asleep independently, without any help from you. That said, it’s true that sleep training can, in general, make babies more sensitive to disruptions to your normal sleep schedule and routines. Finally, if your sleep training has been successful, you have no doubt gotten your baby used to her sleeping environment. Plus, remember that if you prepare for schedule disruptions in advance, you can likely alleviate some of the stress to your child, and help him through it. If you are ready to be a well-rested parent, and are ready to trade sleepless nights for peaceful, quiet ones – look no further!
I always think about this (or blackout shades or white noise or anything that *could* make my baby less adaptable in certain situations) that I’d rather my baby sleep well the 95% of the time that I’m home and deal with the 5% when it comes rather than struggling 100% of the time! We trained both our girls and now we have an almost 3 year old and a 1.5 year old and who sleep so well.
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This Might Be One Of The Coolest Pregancy Announcements I've Ever Seen And They Are From Wausau! While it is not clear where the video has come from, a British voice can be heard in the background. Lots of us have probably shared a room with our babies at some point – during the newborn stage, maybe, when feedings were happening around the clock and we felt absolutely desperate for sleep! And while this room-sharing has some distinct benefits, this kind of living arrangement can make sleep training really, really tough. However, we understand that not every family has that option; we also understand that not every family wants to stop room-sharing during sleep training.
This is especially helpful if your baby is older (9-12 months) or if you are sleep training a toddler.

If your baby can see you (and let’s face it, if you are room-sharing, then he can see you!), he will be much less inclined to fall asleep, and much more inclined to cry for you. You don’t want to ignore your baby during sleep training, but sleep training may go a little easier if you do not hear every little noise your baby makes.
Our consultants at The Baby Sleep Site® specialize in creating Personalized Sleep Plans™ that are customized to your own parenting philosophy, and that will NEVER make you feel guilty or pressured. You’ll be able to login and start your Family Sleep History form right away – it’s that simple! You can even buy a bundle package that includes the e-book AND a Personalized Sleep Plan™ PLUS a follow-up email to use for further support! Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your baby sleep through the night.
With over 45 sample sleep schedules and planning worksheets, Mastering Naps and Schedules is a hands-on tool ideal for any parenting style. Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your toddler sleep through the night and enjoy a better daytime schedule. Visit our Help Me Choose page for helping choosing the Baby Sleep Site® resources that are right for you.
We love our one bedroom apartment, and so decided to try to make it work once baby arrived.
Don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions via the comments, or by e-mailing them to contact (at) babysleepsite (dot) com. And it sounds like, right now, you really don’t have other options for sleeping arrangements; is that right? At that time he ended up with RSV from daycare, and I was so nervous and exhausted that I brought him into bed with us. Once she can do that, she’ll have an easier time going BACK to sleep when she wakes too early. For instance, if you have been sleep training for a few months, and your baby has become used to napping twice per day, at the same time, in his crib, then it will probably be tough for him to miss one of those naps, or to catch the nap in the car. That can make it a little difficult to travel with your baby; you may notice that your baby has a hard time falling asleep in a different room, or in a pack-n-play. Intense, persistent babies will react strongly to any change in the schedule – but that is true both before and after sleep training. That’s the question for some parents, particularly those who are on-the-go types, and like to have flexibility from day to day. What we can say, however, is that every parent we have worked with would say that it is definitely, definitely worth it! Our team of consultants is waiting to craft a Personalized Sleep Plan™ for you, and to help your whole family finally get the sleep you deserve. I began sleep training when they were each 5 months old, with the help of the Baby sleep site! This is so true – temperament and personality both have a great deal to do with how we sleep. A This little 2 year old boy is non-verbal and autistic A so it really surprised his mother when he just attached himself to Snow White on their Disney vacation. According to TechInsider, this makes Paynea€™s video the most watched Facebook live post in history.
Try sleeping on an air mattress in another room of the house – like the living room, for example. Having some distance between you and your baby will help in the sleep training process, especially if you use some kind of divider so that your baby cannot see you.
But, as you can imagine, consistency is even harder when your baby is sleeping (or not sleeping!) just a few feet away from you. Even if you utilize all the tips listed above, sleep training may take longer (and feel more difficult) for you than it does for parents who sleep separately from their babies. Even better, once you have your Personalized Sleep Plan™, your consultant will walk you through each step of implementing it at home. She sleeps in my twin bed with me and has for about 5 months now (her room in our last house was too hot in the summer and she couldn’t sleep). At 10 months, your son may be able to go without any night feedings (although one night feeding is normal through 12 months).
Feel free to ask follow-up questions via the comments, or by e-mailing contact (at) babysleepsite (dot) com. There’s really no way this will be easy right from the start, but if you pick a sleep training plan, stay committed, and have patience with yourself and with your son, this is do-able.
By 11 months, most babies don’t need any night feedings, and those who do can typically get by with just one. I would start with spending some non sleep time in his bed, maybe reading or singing songs so that he starts to see the bed as a good place to be. Our 5 month old has a crib in the same room as her brother, but still sleep in a crib in my room. The move would be temporary, obviously, but it might help sleep training go more smoothly, as you wouldn’t have to constantly be worried about waking your toddler.

Remember, your baby is born with certain temperament traits; this is why some babies are more relaxed and go-with-the-flow, while others need consistency and routine.
However, it will make your baby accustomed to certain routines and schedules, and after months of following a certain schedule, or sleeping in a certain way, it’s not surprising that most babies will react at least somewhat to changes in those schedules and routines. For them, sleep training put an end to sleepless nights and non-existent naps, and gave them their lives (and their sanity!) back.
However, since (as you point out) we’re at home the vast majority of the time, it’s fine by me! I'll never forget feeling ashamed at times when I had to breastfeed my children when I was out and many times would just stay home so I wouldn't have to deal with anyone judging me. You could also move your baby out temporarily, as we mentioned earlier (provided you have the room to do so). Shaye, one of our sleep consultants, hangs up a sheet when she travels with her daughter, which helps her little girl sleep better. He still wakes and I bf him every 2-3hrs but I think this is due to habit and don’t want to night feed at all once he is in his own room!
On the very good advice of this website, one month ago I night weaned him (was waking for 1 feeding still).
We usually recommend an attempt to wean from night feedings around 8 or 9 months, since by this time, many babies are night feeding out of habit, and not out of need.
Needless to say we have been co-sleeping ever since, which both my husband and I were good with, until he started having I don’t want to go to bed meltdowns in our bed! I understand how hard it must be to move out of your room for now, and would try giving it at least one week and see how things go. However, how strongly they react depends on innate temperament traits – intense babies will probably have big (and loud!) reactions, while easy-going babies put up a smaller fuss.
Yes, it can mean that your baby is a bit less flexible in responding to schedule changes than she once was, but our well-rested parents would tell you that the nights of uninterrupted sleep are worth it!
But remember that during sleep training, you want to keep things as normal as possible for your baby.
And Miriam, another consultant, recommends to clients that they try draping a blanket over a collapsible coat rack, in order to provide a quick (and temporary) barrier between parents and baby. If, after a week or two, your baby is showing no improvement at all, make changes to your sleep training plan. If your expectations are reasonable, then sleep training while room-sharing can work very, very well! We work with clients via our Helpdesk who want to do what you’re describing, and the process usually takes a bit longer and requires lots of patience.
Once he seems to have adjusted to that, then work on putting him in his own bed at bedtime, decide which wakings you may bring him into bed with you, but slowly start weaning him from coming to bed with you when he wakes. This week she also decided she wants to fuss all night, but as soon as she hits a pillow in my bed, she’s out. I haven’t done much traveling across time zones personally with my kids, but lots of our readers do, so this is a really nice insight. So if you expect to be sharing a room with your baby for awhile, it might be best for you to move out for a week or two, and to leave your baby in her usual environment.
Whatever you use, just be sure that your temporary barrier is placed well away from your baby, so that there’s no risk he could pull the sheet or blanket into his crib or bassinet. For more information about how white noise can help both you and your baby sleep, check out this past article.
It took him longer to sleep better than the first time around…but at day 8 he started to sleep through.
We will be room sharing either way… Any thoughts or magic spells that I might not know about?
1) I don’t want to create a new problem with her in my bed, and 2) her constant waking and crying wakes her brother in the adjacent room who sleeps with a sound machine a a door closed.
And for our recommendations about the best white noise machines and apps, take a look at this article.
There may be bumps in the road, but you will want to return him to his bed every time, with little to no interaction. It’s the getting her and her sister to sleep in the same room without me in there that I want to figure out.
The crib was beside the bed until we did sleep training…so that I could reach in and replace the soother. But the 2 yo always feels she needs to be next to her sister when she’s crying like that. The bonus is with the back and forth with their father: my milk supply is drying up and her dependence on nursing is limited, so once that’s over (I predict in about a month), it should be easier, right?

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