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In order to keep you up-to-date with the best toddler alarm clocks, we update this post regularly. Technology and Kids – One of our most popular posts involves trying to get kids to sleep and stay in bed with kids alarm clocks for toddlers. As you transition your toddler from the crib to a big boy bed (or big girl bed), it’s time to introduce the alarm clock.
The Glo-Clock Sleep Trainer clock has a pleasant glow of light – not to bright and the concept is unique.
Adorable child’s bedside alarm clock, time-teaching tool and dual-color nightlight all in one. With the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Toddler Alarm Clocks toddlers know if it’s time to get up by looking at the stoplight.
Little Tikes Discover Sounds alarm clock is the perfect toddler clock for your younger toddlers. Perfect for your little night owl, this portable night light works as a night light and glows green in the morning when it’s okay to get out of bed.
Sleep Buddy is a toddler sleep training system that is designed to help your tot learn when he or she should stay in bed. I did have an issue with toddlers breaking the cord (it’s been dropped a few times) and the customer service to get the cord replaced was amazing.

KID'Sleep®Keep your early bird in bed until it's time to rise, with our Stay-in-Bed Picture Clock. I survived the toddler years with our 2 older kids and am now going through it now with another 2 toddlers! Here is a fabulous assortment of the best toddler alarm clocks that have different functions to help with sleep training.
The stars disappear over the night, so when your child wakes up in the night, they instantly know how long they have until morning by how many stars are left.
When the red light is on it is time to sleep – when the green light is on it is time to wake up. The Kid Sleep My First Alarm Clock will help your little one wake up when it’s time to wake up and help teach your toddler how to read a clock. For kids older than 2 years a visual toddler alarm clock can help early bird babies sleep longer.
Parenting toddlers is all kinds of crazy, if they get a little more sleep – that will give mom and dad more sleep as well! In the morning, at the designated time, the last star and the big star disappear, and the sun comes out as the face color changes to yellow.
You can take the glow balls with you – no more dark trips to the bathroom for a potty break.

She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. I’m worried that this artificial blue light is causing him to take longer and longer to go to sleep at night. One of the hardest challenges when I had to get the kids to child care and we had a strict morning routine was finding a kid friendly alarm clock.
There are several options for the audio alarm tone including ringing, beeping or waking to music. The only thing I didn’t care for with the sleep buddy is that there is no back up battery so if you lose power, you have to reset the whole thing. It turns on at bedtime or nap time and stays on all night or afternoon until it’s time to get up.

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