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SSC-ul Lenny Lamb este un marsupiu ergonomic conceput din material de wrap ?esut, cu un sistem special de curele si catarame, astfel incat sa asigure o potrivire perfecta. Protectiile de bretele se utilizeaza pentru a mentine igiena si curatenia bretelelor si pentru a reduce numarul de spalari ale marsupiului. Emeibaby este un marsupiu foarte usor de utilizat, ce combina avantajele unui wrap tesut oferind in acelasi timp confortul si usurinta in utilizare a unui SSC (Soft Structured Carrier). Panoul sistemului de purtare Emeibaby Toddler este cu 7 cm mai inalt si cu 3 cm mai lat fata de marimea Baby. For the Halloween lovers and Nightmare enthusiasts, lament no longer; it is time for the Jack Tula stocking!
We told you that we would have a lot of extra special goodies at the conference… but did we mention that we will have a very special full wrap conversion TULA – FREEEEEEE!??!?? Psssst, each item purchased from our booth will also get you an additional ticket (while supplies last). As if picking out a carrier to wear is not hard enough on a regular day… try packing for a 7 day camping trip over 9 hours away from home.
With a 5 year old, 2.5year old and an almost 10 month ago, and a small RV, I really had to choose carefully.

We traveled to four different lakes on our trip, and I loved the fact that it was quick drying and light weight.
Long enough for a quick ruck, or side carry, and short enough that my tails were not constantly on the ground while I was wrapping. Definitely a must have around here as my husband can buckle one on with no fuss, and I prefer to tandem with the Toddler Tula on my back.
We are looking for comparisons, action shots, and real life feedback from babywearers all over the world! This is a great way to get real-life reviews from YOU, and see exactly what you LOVE about your soft structured carrier and how it may or may not differ from another!
Made in Poland, designed with love, and created for your comfort, the Tula is at the top of my suggestion list when most anyone asks me about buckle carriers! Este un mijloc de purtare sigur, sanatos si confortabil pentru bebelusi si parinti, din materiale de calitate inalta. Acest lucru se poate face o singura data urmand ca ulterior sa fie ajustat pe masura ce creste bebelusul. To test fit, be sure your child’s shins hang at a right angle to their thighs, with no buckling or scrunching of the carrier fabric and that their head clears the top of the carrier.

Tula made just for PAXbaby a completely gorgeous, highly sought after, full wrap conversion carrier to give to YOU! I cannot even really describe the feel of it, completely unlike any stretchy I have EVER felt before. Love our Tulas for longer walks or hikes, and rainy days.  No need to worry about mud, puddles, or stepping on tails. This is still a REAL STOCKING, so you will need to have quick fingers – we are just improving your odds at scoring! Easy to wrap with for both front and back carries, and my nearly 10 month old felt light as air.  This wrap is totally underrated.
These carriers have high weight limits and are a great option if you’re wearing your older toddler, preschooler, or even your school aged child!

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