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It is 62cms wide overall- this is mainly due to the wheels as they are quite far apart for stability.
The main seat will recline to completely flat for a newborn and P&T sell a cocoon which fits in nicely. If you were to use this for a newborn and a toddler, the doubles seat attaches to the front of the frame over the front of the baby on the front of the pram.
Obviously when both seats are in use in toddler mode,  there is a very limited amount you can recline the main seat so bear that in mind if you are buying for an older child who likes to sleep in the pram. The main seat is suitable for use up to  55lbs weight and the doubles kit is suitable for up to 33lbs when on the back and 44lbs when on the front. This pushchair particularly suits my needs as i have a 7 seater Mazda5 with a miniscule boot with all the seats in use so we needed a double that fits into the car.
So the P&T Sport has a nifty little fold, the back drops onto the rear wheels and then you pull the whole thing in half. Then for me, i just pop off the 3 easy remove wheels and the hole thing fits it into my boot!! There is 1 small complaint about the fold, and that is the handle bar drops to the ground when you fold so i would suggest a quality handle bar cover to give the foam some protection. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price, the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you place the item in your shopping cart. The Valco Baby Joey Toddler Seat instantly adds room to your existing Valco Baby stroller and lets your toddler relax on long walks that tire out little legs. Stuff 4 Multiples offers a great variety of gifts for twins, triplets and higher order multiples!

The stroller blanket zips around your baby, keeping your infant safe from harsh winds and the cold weather.
Currently, we only know that this product exists at one place, but it may be available at other stores as well. The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap: JoJo Fletcher Meets the Guys – and Gets Her First Kiss! See Prince Harry Scream His Way Down Splash Mountain – 23 Years After His First Ride! Here’s a product that made a huge splash at our local mall, and got two enthusiastic thumbs up from our three year old tester. For a lot of parents, investing in a double stroller, when you have a toddler and an infant, is just not worth the expense. Something I especially liked about the Strolli Rider is thatit does not affect your stride when pushing the stroller. We are here to provide you with the lowest possible price, while working with our manufacturers to ensure you will have the best customer experience before and after your purchase. This lovely stroller blanket is sure to keep your baby warm!Our cozy infant stroller blanket is fleece-lined with a wind resistant outer layer to keep your baby toasty warm. We only use your name and email address to send you a confirmation and to let the registrant know who purchased what. With manyride on boards, the child stands between you and the stroller, and itcan make pushing the stroller awkward. It did not affect the stability ofthe stroller whatsoever and it was easy to maneuver everywhere we went– Except for the fact that we were nearly mobbed by curious onlookers,wanting to know where to get one. My 7 year old was ahair over at 45, but she was not too big (or at all unwilling) tocomfortably ride on one of these.

For extra convenience, it is designed to fold compactly to the side when not in use, and can even remain in place while stroller is folded.
And yet there will be those moments when you are at the food court at the mall, and the baby has a meltdown, and you know you need to get to the car (parked clear on the other side world) fast. At the end of the day, when their energyis flagging, it can be a challenge for them to hold on and balance.This is where the Strolli Rider has the advantage. The Strolli Riderattaches to the rear corner of the stroller so the riding child is atyour side and your stride is not at all affected. Tell that to your three year old who just found it fascinating to hop on one foot beside you.
With the Strolli Rideryour child is seated on a padded seat, much like they would be on abike.
I should note however, that out of ten strollers I checkedfor compatibility, I did find one stroller (the Maxi Cosi Foray) thatthe Strolli Rider could not attach to. I would definitely recommend this product to parents who feelthey don’t quite need a double stroller, but they still need optionswhen out with multiple kids. Fortunately there is a FAQ on the distibutors site that allows you to check if you will be able to attach the Strolli Rider to your stroller.

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