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Enjoy swimming lessons in an indoor environment that ensures adequate protection from the weather elements such as UV, rain, and haze! Compared to infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers have more developed motor skills, muscular development, and mental capacities.
While there are many approaches and schools of thought for teaching toddlers and pre-schoolers, Little Swim School strictly adopts a child-centred approach for toddler swimming lessons. Taking into consideration the toddler’s relatively short attention span, our swimming curriculum for toddlers are geared towards them learning in a fun, safe, positive and immersive environment.
Little Swim School offers both individual 1-to-1 toddler swimming lessons for undivided attention, or group lessons for parents who want their toddlers to learn swimming in a collective and social setting. Research studies conducted by independent institutes indicate toddlers who learn swimming reach developmental milestones much earlier, regardless of socio-economic background. Many of the skills that are acquired during swimming lessons transition smoothly into structured learning contexts, such as pre-school and formal education. Swimming is a holistic activity that awakens all senses, where toddlers get to fully exercise their physical, mental, and cognitive abilities in an environment that’s immersive and fun.

Besides learning when, and when not, to breathe, toddlers will be taught on how to hold their breath underwater, and how to come up for air. Toddlers will learn to be comfortable with quick water submersions coupled with adequate breathing and breath control. Your toddler will learn how to generate greater propulsion with the right kicking and hand movements. Get unparalleled learning comfort with a heated pool to ensure the water temperature just feels right for the body! Based on our years of experience, a progressive, child-centred approach that paces with your toddler’s learning abilities yields the best results. Thirty minutes is the sweet spot that strikes the balance between learning to swim and their attention span. It also provides the basic foundation for your toddler’s future personal development in various aspects of life. For toddlers who have an inherent fear of water, our swim coaches are trained and experienced to eradicate the fear, and progressively ease your toddler into the water at their pace.

This is the reason we create a fun and high-energy learning environment with our swimming toys and equipment, while concomitantly getting your toddler to be acquainted with being in the water and performing simple drills and water exercises. And be assured that our saltwater chlorinated pool is much gentler on your skin compared to normal chlorinated water!
Register your toddler and pre-schoolers for swimming lessons with Little Swim School today! At Little Swim School’s latest premier facility located at Westway Mall along West Coast Highway, we invite you to enjoy swimming lessons like never before!

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