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Our unique 2-in-1 Safe-T-Swing ® converts from Infant Swing to Toddler Swing in just seconds. The high seat back on this durable swing helps support a young rider just learning to sit up. She swung on it for nearly an hour and a half – this from a little girl who usually spends no more than ten minutes on the swing at the public park. Being made from plastic, the bucket swing is weather resistant and should last a long time.
You don’t HAVE to take it off, but it will just get in your way otherwise while you are working on the project. You can cut the bucket with almost anything, a handsaw, a Dremel tool, a jigsaw, or reciprocating saw.
By now, the bottom half of the bucket should be starting to look like something you might see at the park. Next, get yourself some rope that’s at least twice as long from your favorite tree-branch to the ground. If all has gone well, you have a smiling child swinging away on your aren’t-you-proud-you-made-it-yourself swing-set! Once the tot is in there, you might want to confirm that the leg holes are the right size, and that there’s no chafing or rubbing.
One last treat for you – I created a one-page PDF file for you that has step-by-step directions for how to build the swing. Click the link , then print out the file and take it to your workshop with you! Those plastic buckets get brittle after about 2 years of sunlight, and freezing temperature.
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For little kiddos, the Infant Swing configuration has a sturdy t-bar and quick disconnect straps to safely hold them in place while they enjoy an afternoon swing with mom or dad.

My Dad had recently been over to the store to get chicken wire for the next chicken coop he’s working on, and looked at some playground equipment while there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, nor could I really document building the swing, as we were making it up as we went.
You probably already have one around, but if not, you can buy one at the home improvement store. Look where the handle connects to the bucket and you will be able to see which way you have to bend the handle to be able to just pull it out by hand. Essentially, you are cutting really low across the front, above the leg holes, and then high on either side, near where the bucket handle originally connect, swoop low again for where the kid’s armpits are going to be, and high on the back for a back-rest.
If you have a good idea of how to make use of this “waste”, please let me know!
Thread one end of the rope DOWN through the outside of one of the ears, out through the next hole, around the outside of the back-rest, back IN the next hole, the up and out the other ear. Otherwise, you could also chain or cable, but rope is simple, easy to work with, and doesn’t pinch little fingers. After checking that the swing is tied securely, at the right height and level, put your little darling in there and give him or her a push! In the photo above, it looks like the left leg hole (her right leg) could be a little bigger. In these photos her shirt is covering part of the back-rest, but it’s still a little low. At the same time giving them the ability to explore textures, colors & shapes that can be hung from the toy bar included.
In fact, some rope and an old 5-gallon bucket are more than enough for a fun springtime afternoon! Matching cut-outs were made in the BOTTOM of the bucket, because toddlers legs are so short. However, my brother had his cell-phone camera with and grabbed a pair of photos of the first use of the swing.

When you do this, either cut around the OUTSIDE of your black markings, so there’s no marks done on your finished swing, or just eye-ball it.
The other two are roughly below where the child’s armpits will be, and allow for the rope to go through to the back of the swing, around the outside of the bucket.
In the next bucket swing, I am going to make sure the back-rest is higher, nearly as tall as the side ears.
Swinging provides a terrific workout that builds muscle tone, coordination, balance and a wonderful bond between child & parent.
That is that it was all blow-molded plastic, had straps and safety belts in all directions, and looked like it would take longer to get the child in and out of the swing then she would actually spend playing in it!
We cut down the total height of the bucket, and made it swoop very low in front, high on the two sides, low again, and then high for a back-rest. The leg holes are cut in both the front AND the bottom of the bucket, so the child’s thighs sit on the bottom of the bucket, but from the knee on down hangs straight downward through the bucket.
That way, the rope acts as part of the back-rest, and prevents backward tipping, but is not between the child and the back-rest. She cooperated well in that she was happy to sit in the bucket while we marked the positions and distances of the various parts of the swing. You probably want to drill the holes BEFORE cutting the bucket in half, as it will have more strength and is easier to handle in its original bucket form. This allows the child to have comfortable arm position, NOT rubbing on the bucket, and still easily reaching up to grab the rope. And why couldn’t a person run the rope all the way under the bucket for better support.
That way, we only needed one piece of rope, instead of two, and it makes it a little easier to adjust for height.

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