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The KidKraft Tabletop Easel has all the fun features of regular kids art easels, but it takes up much less space and stows away easily. FREE SHIPPING!With our Deluxe Leta€™s Cook Kitchen, kids can cook up a feast without getting a single dish dirty.
The Avalon Table and Chair Set in Honey by KidKraft has a simple shaker design yet classy look. Our Deluxe Garage Set is loaded with fun, interactive features and will keep kids entertained for hours at a time. The kids wooden Prairie Kitchen by KidKraft is a new toy kitchen with an old fashioned twist. More play kitchen toys, large kitchen toy, wood kitchen, pastel kitchen, retro kitchen and more toys from Kidkraft. The young firefighters in your life are sure to get a kick out of the Deluxe Fire Rescue Set.
With two fun and exciting ways to play, the 2-in-1 activity table with lego-compatible board from KidKraft offers interactive fun. Our Exclusive award-winning Savannah Dollhouse is full of stately and elegant Southern touches, including third-story porches, claw-foot tub, and four-poster bed. July 9, 2011 When Asher (who is almost 7) was still a baby, I purchased this Ikea Svala table and chairs. The years went on, Asher finally learned to sit in a small chair (wahoo), and I finally made the table and chairs part of my decor.
The years continued, and now Asher and Zephan were old enough to sit in small chairs together! And as the years went on, all red vanished from the main level so it was time to say goodbye to the checkerboard and cherries and hello to something we all could live with.
Today I sanded the chairs and table down with my palm sander just enough to rough up the poly and then I painted the chairs with my free can of Glidden paint in Wood Smoke.
For the table, I painted it mostly with Wood Smoke and then dry brushed on some Folk Art acrylic paint in Sky Blue while the Wood Smoke was still wet. The message board on the wall is a Marshall’s find that I had originally picked up for my craft room. The best part about this redo is that the boys are loving the changes and are still small enough to sit here!
Wow, it’s amazing to see how much the set has changed over the years to suit each function. Ooo I am all the way over the other side of the world and I have the exact same table and chair set for my boys… in red!

My boys are far too big for little tables now, but they once had a child size picnic table that got tons of use and eventually wore out. Your little guy is a cutie, quite a natural – he looks like he is not afraid of the camera at all- so photogenic. It is so fun to see how you have transformed the little chairs and table over the years as your boys have grown. I love the beachy makeover–maybe after they outgrow it, you can use it for a sidetable somewhere, so you don’t have to cry just yet!
Give this to any young artist and they will be thanking you as they get hard to work on their next masterpiece.
Harley Davidson's are not just for adults anymore, now your little tyke can play with his or her own.This licensed Harley-Davidson Rocker has the authentic Harley-Davidson sound via a sound chip that can be easily activated. This beautiful natural train table is sure to provide young minds with hours of imaginative play, all of it at eye level. The Avalon Kids Table and Chairs set complements the household while providing a child size place for kids to be comfortable. The KidKraft Busy Town Train Table and 145-Piece Train Set 17812 gives kids an entire community at their fingertips.
This classy looking item is even better looking in person and will be a favorite place to play for your child.
The Kidkraft Playsets vibrant colors and close attention to detail make this fun and realistic.
From Kidkraft chairs to bookcases to coat rocks to tables, we have the KidKraft furniture you need for your child's room.
This beautiful wooden train table is sure to provide young minds with hours of imaginative play, all of it at eye level! Our child sized vanity tables and vanity sets are the perfect choice for little girls who love to admire and beautify themselves. The young chefs in your life are sure to love this wooden kitchena€™s bright colors and adorable details. They received a coat of red spray paint and were moved down to the main level for full-use. To celebrate, the table & chairs received a fresh coat of paint and bonus checkerboard functionality.
I think it looks fantastic down here and is the perfect place to display the kids’ artwork. You may need to correct your payment information or use the upgrade hosting link to recreate your payment plan.

This kids easel features a chalkboard surface on one side and a dry-erase surface on the other. With imagination, innovation and inspiration, KidKraft creates timeless, heirloom-quality furniture that children a€“ and their parents - love.
It includes 200 LEGOA®-compatible blocks and 30-piece train set, a fun gift idea for any young, imaginative child. The rectangular shape gives children extra play space and ample room for more than 2 children. The young conductors in your life will love pushing the trains up and down the long, winding track.
There are knobs that click and turn and doors that open and close, just like a real kitchen.You can even see through the oven and microwave doors to watch the pretend food while it cooks in the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen! Solidly constructed with quality in mind, the Kidkraft Retro Kitchen in Pink makes the perfect gift and is large enough so that multiple children can play with it at once. So although it would be over two years before Asher showed any interest in placing his little bum in one of those chairs, you better believe I had those babies put together and ready for when that moment arrived! The bucket on the table was purchased at Gabriel Brothers and hides crayons, markers, glue, and pencils.
I had a table very similar many years ago and reading this post brought back so many memories. If you feel this message is in error login to your site admin and create a support ticket indicating such so the billing dept can verify your account standing. Wooden strips are used to hold paper firmly in place, because no artist should have to chase his supplies around the room. Fun and functionality merge to enthrall and entertain, inspiring children with endless opportunities for imaginative play.Bring your child's imagination to life with this brightly colored, detailed dollhouse!
Other fun features include a cordless phone, a cloth apron and fun retro colors that are sure to remind parents of their own childhoods. TV references aside, this fun, creative play kitchen is cute as heck and build solid for years of enjoyment. The Kidkraft Retro Kitchen will provide hours of fun and educational entertainment and because of its classic design, still look great in any room in the house. Working lights and realistic sounds make this dollhouse one of a kind while nineteen pieces of furniture allow your child's creativity to shine.

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