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Giveaways have become a Google IO tradition of sorts, with attendees annually anticipating what newly announced hardware will be given away to everyone at the event. Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks have never been an appealing option for me, but the ability to run Android apps on Chrome just might be the thing that gets me on board. If you’re a proud owner of an HTC 10 or LG G5, and want to keep things that way, be sure to not use any other non-compatible USB Type-C charger, or your device may end up in purgatory. Called the Tabeo, the new toddler tab doesn’t differ much from previous devices in the same category. Pre-registering means you will be notified on your device when the app is available to download.

It provides a handy pop-up text window so you can respond to messages without leaving your current app. This is because the driver-friendly UI required a compatible head unit to work, but soon you’ll be able to open and use it like any other app. At $150 and pre-loaded with 50 apps and games, the Android slate is aimed directly at children. The $150 store-branded tablet features a suite of parental controls aimed at child-safe web surfing, as well as 50 pre-installed apps.
Parental controls will allow adults to easily monitor internet usage as well as establish a list of viewable sites.

These include both educational titles and popular games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Temple Run. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.

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