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Tooth extraction refers to painless removal of tooth or tooth roots with minimum trauma to the investing surrounding tissues so that the extraction socket wound heals uneventfully without any post-operative complications.
Planned Tooth Extraction is carried out to create room for the adult permanent teeth to come and for proper alignment of the adult teeth. If the child is very nervous and anxious about the tooth extraction procedure, then anti-anxiety medication may be given to the child. For the prevention of tooth extraction pain, local anesthesia shot, topical anesthesia for numbing the area, IV conscious sedation or general anesthesia may be given to the child. After numbing the tooth, dental elevator and dental forceps are used to luxate the tooth and remove the tooth from the socket.
If the tooth is impacted or is not visible above the gum line, then surgical tooth extraction is done in child. Choosing between extraction and filling or conservation is a very common decision that both dentists and patients have to take every day. Extraction of a baby tooth may prove necessary as part of orthodontic treatment, or because of injury or decay.
This factor is very important as it well judge the cooperation of the child during treatment process so the cooperative patient is giving more chance to the success of lengthy treatments like filling or even root canal when uncooperative patient may drive the dentist to extraction. The dentist here estimate the time left for the milk tooth in the mouth by considering the normal eruption time averages and also the eruption time variations of your kid. If the dentist estimated that the permanent tooth needs only 6 months or less to come out then it would be better not to waste money and time in filling or root canal. We have to know that premature extraction of the milk teeth will result in less effective chewing also may cause malalignment or crowding in the permanent teeth which will need an expensive orthodontic treatment after that.
If crowding is likely to occur while baby teeth are being replaced by permanent teeth, then some baby teeth may have to be extracted.
These planned extractions should create enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt into and for them to be properly aligned. If a baby tooth has been forced into the jaw by a blow or a fall, and has damaged the underlying permanent tooth, the baby tooth will need to be extracted.
If an injury causes the death of the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth, it may be necessary to extract the tooth. A pulpotomy may be possible, but if the pulp becomes infected and causes an abscess to develop, extraction is called for. Brown to black discolouration may follow the death of the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth.

This is the result of the breakdown of blood cells and follows the same pattern as that of a bruise to the skin.
Extraction is necessary when the decay is so widespread that it cannot be repaired with either a filling or a cap (crown). Extraction of a baby tooth may be unavoidable when the decay has led to infection and the formation of an abscess at the end of the root.
This infection could be very painful and could affect the growth of the permanent tooth below. The extraction of baby teeth, especially back teeth, allows adjacent teeth to drift into the empty space. The narrowing of this space may affect the normal eruption of the permanent teeth which will replace them. The movement of the adjacent teeth into the space can result in crowding of the permanent teeth, with the subsequent need to have them straightened.
Extraction refers to the painless removal of tooth or tooth roots with minimum trauma to the investing tissues so that the socket heals uneventfully without any post-operative complications. Pulpal necrosis: Presence of pulp necrosis or irreversible pulpitis which is not amenable to endodontics can be one of the reasons for tooth removal.
Severe Periodontal Disease: Severe periodontal disease with extensive bone loss and mobility of the teeth may require tooth removal.
Orthodontic Reasons: To relieve the crowding of the teeth and to make teeth straight, teeth may be removed. Malopposed Teeth: Teeth which are malopposed or malpositioned may be indicated for removal in some situations. A child doesn’t know what to expect during tooth extraction and anticipation of surgery itself exacerbates the apprehension of the child. If tooth can’t be restored, then new appointment is given to the child for tooth extraction procedure. The method adopted for pain prevention depends on patient’s preference, age and health of the child, comfort level of the dentist and the procedure which is used for tooth extraction.
If shot is given to the child for pain prevention, then the child will only feel some pressure during tooth removal and no pain. With adults the decision making is much easier, if the tooth is restorable and the patient can pay for the treatment then we simply conserve the tooth. Some kids tend to change their teeth earlier of later than normal and this should be taken in consideration when the dentist calculates the estimated of the milk tooth left.

The extent to which the tooth is carious and is judged to be non-restorable is a judgment call to be made between the dentist and the patient. The patient who refuses to have endodontic treatment or root canal that is tortuous, calcified and untreated by standard endodontic techniques or in cases of repeated endodontic failure, tooth is removed.
In such cases, the milk teeth are called as Retained Baby teeth and needs to be pulled out. If they traumatize soft tissue and can’t be repositioned with orthodontic treatment, then they should be removed. Child will often consider the tooth extraction procedure to be scary and will worry that the tooth extraction procedure will hurt. This procedure is done in case of simple tooth extraction in which the tooth is visible in the mouth. If the patient is a child then the process of decision making is much harder as many factors affect the selection of the treatment plan that the dentist have to follow. Example is maxillary third molar which erupts in severe buccal version and causes ulceration and trauma to the soft tissue is removed.
Pedodontist who is children specialist dentist can reduce the anxiety and apprehension level of the child by educating the child. Pedodontist spends considerable time in attaining level of cooperation from the child in dental operatory. Pain meds if given before the tooth extraction procedure can cause blood clotting difficulties. If the baby tooth can be saved, then emphasis should be laid on saving the tooth and not removing the tooth. People think that baby teeth are of no use and get their children’s baby tooth removed when they can be saved. Baby teeth guide the adult teeth in correct position and prevent crowding of adult teeth on eruption.

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