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2.No need to drill holes, double-side adhesive sticker, easy and convenient, safe and secure. Most product at offering at Extremely Lower Price or some are giving Free Gift, with mainaining the products quality and service.
Please take note that most courier system is not updated online instantly, we advice you to check after 24 hours after receiving the tracking number. However please note that in certain cases if you think the shipping cost after combine still high, we recommend buyer to survey and compare to others competitor price first.
There are 2 locations (KL Endah Parade Sri Petaling, Johor Skudai) for you to view the products and buy directly). Buying and trading through internet bring you a lot of advantages that's why you are here now. However you need to be ready to bear minimum risk as well , like product lost in posting , product damage in posting and what you expect and what you receive might be in difference . If you are fussy always look for perfection and never want to bear any risk , you might not suitable to buy from here .
We are providing great business opportunity to a lot of resellers , dropshippers and distributors and help them to build their business .

We reserved the right to change the gift without any furthur notification to the customers. Incase of miss out (althougth it is rarely happen), we will only replace the free gift on your next order only. If customer is entitled to do exchange, then we will let customer know by email, and customer may choose others products with same or higher price by topping.
Customer is allowed to return and refund within 7 days from date you received the product (Based on the Received Date from Courier Trace System). Features:***END OF SUMMER SALE***#1 PARENT APPROVED safety locks successfully designed to handle the problems of curious toddlers and pets. When you buy more then 2 item, system will automatically calculate the total combined shipping cost which is definetly lower compare to order seperately. If you found Total (Item+shipping) is reasonable or still lower then others, then you only proceed the order.
For self collect, please follow the terms Condition and the self collect price that we stated in listing. We will help buyer to claim the warranty but any shipping cost incurs will be bear by buyer.

We cannot accept taking difference source of products to compare with our product to judge the product quality. For heavy item, customers can just sending part of faulty for replacement by our technician advice.
Brand NEW White Extra Strength Lock Design gives a modern look and won't take away from your home decor.VERSATILE MUST HAVE for Toddler Parents.
Simple press down on the top of the Wipe Aide bottle and a small amount of solution comes out and transforms toilet paper into wipes!!
De-Stress your life, NO MORE clothes toys food and puzzle pieces scattered through your home by Denying access with our safe and secure locks on Cabinets Drawers Refrigerators Toilet Seats Trash Cans and other curious places.BEST 2 Pack TOOL. It is great for helping children learn how to clean themselves thoroughly after they go potty.

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