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The original intent of this popular device was two-fold: 1) To get men to "put the seat back down" so that girls, women could avoid embarrassing "splashdowns" at night and 2) To speed the potty training of children, particularly, little boys. I guess the "green light" means "Go!" for boys and "Watch out below!" for little girls, as the inventor is fond of saying.
For an affordable $12 to $14, the Johnny Light preserves dignity, slumbertime serenity and creates peace in a romantic relationship. Yes, it makes me smile and laugh, though half sleepy at night, but my wife loves the light and doing less clean-up and not falling into the commode! This toddler size open front less cover seat is ideal for education and other commercial applications. STA-TITEA® Commercial Fastening Systema„? - Faster installations and eliminates call-backs for loose seats. Easier: The one-piece integrated nut with washer eliminates fumbling with individual nuts and washers.

Faster: A 33% faster installation allows you to install your seat with ease and move on, spending your time doing the things you want. As you hold seat centered on bowl, tighten lower section of STA-TITEA® nuts until they snap off. Great for Father's Day, MOthers Day or as a Yule-time Stocking stuffer, this highly popular (and patented) Johnny Light, a soft green night-light activated by a gravity switch when the commode seat is raised. Moreover, it eliminates a lot of clean-ups, since men often do not turn on disturbing overhead lights at night and it helps little boys recognize the importance of "hitting the target" illuminated by the light. With very little care, these bowls can last a lifetime!Design Description:This trellis design is a combination of old world and modern.
During installation, the bottom portion of the one-piece nut will detach when it reaches the proper tightness, so you know when to stop. With a stronger and longer-lasting attachment, you no longer have to deal with a loose toilet seat every few weeks.

Facility managers as well as people who use public restrooms will be much happier when they no longer have to deal with loose toilet seats. Everyone loves the fun designs, patterns and color along with the name and monogram personalizations. The STA-TITEA® Commercial Fastening Systema„? cuts installation time by one third and prevents toilet seat loosening.

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