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Educating your yearling how to take care of himself is crucial for self-pride for the reason that you’re telling him that he’s of importance, and by doing so you are giving him confidence.
Tots learn by replication, so provide them abundance of chances to see you eating healthily, talking politely, working-out and brushing your teeth. Cleaning the hands is the best way to stop the spread of germs. Encourage your toddler to wash his hands after toilet, before meals and after playing.
Teach him how clean his bottom, sluice the toilet and wash his hands after coming out toilet. Persuade him to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with plenty of calcium-rich dairy products, protein and carbohydrate for energy. Make exercising and playing part of your daily life; research says that children from active families are less likely to become weighty when they grow up.
It is best not to make too big a worry if your toddler starts to explore the contents of his pants in the middle of the market: he’s just showing a natural wonder, and you don’t want him to end up feeling embarrassed.
If his hands begin to move down his dacks, or he starts to strip off, gently distract him with something else. Teach your toddler to fall asleep by himself, make sure he goes to bed awake and learns how to drop off on his own. Thousands of kids end up in hospital every year because of accidents that could easily be prevented. Make sure he always has water readily available, and ask him regularly during the day if he’d like a drink.

When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. My Chart's routine and reward charts are a great product to use with your kids each morning as the eye catching visuals are fun and easy to understand.
My Chart is designed to allow 'choice' within boundaries while teaching children independent behaviour. Routine and Reward charts by My Chart are made from very durable, environmentally friendly and almost indestructible material (I can't vouch for dogs and scissors!). Creating a toddler routine chart first comes by identifying the most important activities of the day and then setting the order in which your child will accomplish them. Reading him books where the characters are doing the same things will amplify your message.
Fill the washbowl with warm water and teach your child to rub his hands together with soap, rinse and dry. Teach girls to wipe from front-to-back to keep bacteria off from being hauled to the vagina.
The sticking point is usually the fruit and veggie, so make it fun by devising games, songs and characters around them.
There are many places you can take your toddler to run around – the park, garden, playground or indoor soft-play centre. You’ll need to help and monitor until he’s big enough, but show him how to open wide and scrub inside, and let him try himself.

Novelty or battery-operated brushes, and those with an egg-timer stand to encourage longer brushing, are good ideas.
As he gets older, explain the difference between public and private, and point out that some things are not good to do in public.
Help him by sticking to a regular time for bed and establishing a routine – bottle, bath, book and bed is a great countdown to sleep.
Let him choose a cup that he likes, or allow him to drink from a water bottle or ‘big boy’ cup sometimes.
Use a wide variety of fruit and veggies, and serve it in different ways – raw and cooked, chopped, sliced, diced and grated.
At home, make sure he’s got plenty of toys to encourage activity – balls, beanbags, tricycle, hoops.
Keep it colorful and use fruit and veg to make faces or pictures – a slice of red pepper for a smile or piece of broccoli as a tree, for example. Don’t forget a hat, too – get him to shop for one with you, as he’s more likely to wear one he chooses. Toddlers learn by imitation, so be safety-conscious yourself never cross the road by dodging between cars, for example.

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