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According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters. Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. I hope the information I have listed below will help you as a parent decide if your child is ready for toilet training. If the child has most of these skills, then they are probably ready to start toilet training. Toilet training involves many steps (discussing, undressing, going, wiping, dressing, flushing, hand washing) reinforce the child’s success at each step. Children should be shown how to use the toilet by watching other children who are trained or discussing each step and practicing each step with out actually using the toilet. Parents should include toilet training into the daily routine such as reading books, songs and games that reinforce the skills needed to toilet train. When a child is giving the signs of having to use the toilet or tells you they have to use the toilet, take the child in and help undress them and on to the toilet.
Never force a child to sit on the toilet against their will or for long periods of time if they do not want to.

Portions were reprinted with permission from the National Network for Child Care – NNCC. I have reviewed the post and corrected only a few misspelled words but I appreciate your observations. You may want to try this program I recently found to help you toilet train your child  within three days, Click here. If they do not have most of these skills or have a negative reaction to toilet training, wait a few weeks or months until most of the skills are checked off. Toilet training a toddler is one of the most interesting and challenging experiences for both the child and parent. This will allow a child to sit more comfortable and make it easier to push during the bowel movement.
There are numerous guides, videos and techniques on this subject and I am posting some procedures and practices that might help you.
Your child will be ready when he or she is developmentally ready, and this may be different than the child next door or your child’s brother or sister. You may want to let the child get used to the idea by sitting on the potty while fully clothed.

Some parents prefer to use diapers at first and switch to training diapers or pants when their child is urinating in the potty several times a day.
After a few minutes, help the child with the rest of the routine and give praise for the effort or any successes they had. If you try to pressure your child into toilet training before he or she is ready, this might result in a stressful situation for both of you. Because potty training is a complex process, there are many issues parents must consider before and during the process of toilet training so that it is a successful experience for the whole family. Toilet training is easiest when children are physically and emotionally ready, which happens between age 2 and 3 years. As wonderful and funny as two-year-old might be, their willfulness and independence might make toilet training a real trial for their parents.

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