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Welcome to Toddler Town!Toddler Town British Nursery is a friendly, caring and committed provision, which embraces excellence and quality early education. We endeavour to foster children’s development in a holistic learning and teaching model that focuses on them as individuals and unique learners in preparation for whichever curriculum they choose to continue on to.
To provide the highest standards and quality of care and education to all children at Toddler Town British Nursery, regardless of abilities, disabilities, race or religion. Having always loved working with and being around children, I wanted to do something that would convert this passion into a constructive outlet – that was how the idea of Toddler Town British Nursery was born. Open communication between Toddler Town British Nursery and the parents is of paramount importance. Click here to find out more about our Exciting Summer Camps running at JBR and Jumeirah branches!
Our Moortown children's day nursery has been awarded ‘Top 10 Recommended Nurseries 2014? status on the website! Our Moortown children's day nursery to the north of Leeds is a friendly and exciting environment that children will enjoy.
Having recently undergone a ?28k refurbishment, there are four play rooms that provide a stimulating environment which encourages the child's inbuilt curiosity while helping them discover that learning is fun. The low-level furniture allows the children unrestricted access to our wide range of resources and activities, and the play rooms are structured in such a way as to promote each child's independence, along with their decision-making and problem-solving skills.
This approach enables us to ensure every child's learning and development is focused on preparation for life beyond nursery.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage programme so that all the activities provided meet children's developmental age and stage targets through activities geared to their interests. The nursery also provides support to children with special needs and liaises with external agencies to ensure appropriate support is given. Our day nursery in Moortown offers French lessons at pre-school level via a tutor, and swimming and tennis courtesy of the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, where we are based. Our baby room at our day nursery in Moortown provides a fun and stimulating experience in a warm, caring and calming environment.
We provide activities such as painting, sticking, reading, singing, music and movement to ignite the children’s imaginations.  We provide treasure baskets filled with everyday items made from natural materials to allow babies and toddlers to investigate the world using all their senses. We aim to encourage the children to use their imaginations as they play- a toy car will always be a toy car but a wooden block can be so much more in a child’s imagination.
We spend as much time as possible outdoors in the babies' own garden area, exploring the environment as well as going for walks to the local park or going to see the horses.
We offer the children a range of fun experiences such as messy play, construction, story time and heuristic play.
The toddlers have direct access to the outdoor play area which provides lots of opportunities for exploration in a safe environment.
We encourage our parents to get involved with their child’s learning, keeping us updated on events that have happened at home so that we can factor this into the child's day and providing continuity between home and nursery.
Through play, the children are encouraged to reach their full potential and our key person system ensures they have the emotional support to feel secure when trying new experiences. We foster an environment where the children learn the importance of caring for themselves, their friends and the environment around them.
Their understanding of their responsibility comes through caring for our pet goldfish and snails. The staff support the children with experiments and projects to explore their interests and gain a better understanding of the world around them. Catherine has over 13 years experience ,BA Hons in young children's learning and development. I just wanted to take the opportunity now that Samuel has moved up to Pre-School, to thank you for the fantastic experience that he had in the Nursery room. Layla has been at Moortown Nursery since she was 9 months old and from day one we have always been impressed by the level of care Layla has received which made my return to work a lot less difficult than I had feared, all my worries about leaving her disappeared as I saw how happy she was with her carers in the baby room.

My daughter, who is 3, is my second child to go through this nursery and I am very happy with the structure of their day and the fun that they have!There is a good mixture of creative, outdoor, learning and developing which keeps Phoebe busy and is developing a structure for her inpreparation for school next year.
I feel very confident leaving my child at Moortown Day Nursery, all the staff go to great lengths to settle the children in nursery aswell as the parents. Sending my daughter to Moortown Day Nursery has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The staff are amazing – always happy to take time to talk through any concerns, and they seem to treat the children almost as part of their extended family! Most importantly to us Samuel loves going to nursery and is extremely happy there and is, in fact, quite disappointed each weekend when it is closed!
Due to personal circumstances, the decision to place my daughter in a nursery and return to work was fraught with worries. During the time my daughter has been attending the nursery and pre-school, I have always felt confident with their care.
Despite the occasional acts of upset at morning drop off, I without fail, struggle to get my daughter to leave the nursery each afternoon.
May I take this opportunity to thank you, Oliver has really enjoyed his time at nursery and I know he will miss it.
On behalf of Kasia and I, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your staff and management, for being a huge help transforming Oliver from a baby into a unique little boy. To find your nearest Asquith children's nursery, simply enter your postcode and distance and click 'Go'. Cadzow nursery school is situated within a quiet residential street minutes from Hamilton town centre. Each individual room is carefully planned and resourced to create attractive and appealing learning environments where your child can grow and flourish. We believe in a parental partnership between the parents, the teachers and the higher management. Toddler Town British Nursery is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring the best out of each and every child. We are rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and provide quality childcare with a highly-qualified, caring team. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal showround at a time to suit you. The furniture has been hand crafted by Community Playthings to ensure it is safe and stable enough for the children to pull themselves to standing and move freely around the room. When a child does something positive, or achieves something for the first time, either at home or in nursery, it is written on a ‘leaf’ that they can hang on the tree for everyone to see. The staff ensure the children are taught good manners, conversational skills, social skills and healthy living. I qualified as a Chef back in 2009 and have worked for Asquith Day Nurseries since February 2012. I enjoy working for Asquith as I get to spend time with the children as well as do my favourite job. The art work and continually updated notice boards are indicative of the productivity of the children and attention to detail by practitioners. Layla has always looked forward to her days at nursery and this is down to the excellent care she receives starting with a warm hug in the morning!
My daughter started at the nursery in October 2013, even though, she still has the occasional tears at drop off, I know that she is having the best time while I am at work, making my day easier knowing that she is settled.
No two days are the same, and they cover a wide variety of topics using different media in order to keep the children stimulated in their learning. Social, educational and personal development is all taken care of, and I am more than confident that the care and attention he has received since starting here will stand him in great stead for school in September.

The variety of activities offered to the children are fantastic, with adjustments made all the time to suit the abilities and needs of each individual child. Also I should commend all the staff, all of you are approachable and friendly and this makes a huge difference when leaving Oliver with you. I have enjoyed attending open days and having in-depth talks about my child’s development and what he enjoys at nursery. The Nursery has been established for 10 years and is within a converted house with a homely feel. Toddler Town provides exciting, innovative and nurturing care for each individual child and family in an environment bespoke for every unique need. They allow him to develop his creative skills, his natural curiosity and his desire to be outside. It is such a comfort to know that Layla always enjoys her time at nursery because she gets to have fun and learn in a safe and caring environment.
The nursery offers great learning experiences for my son, and they have a fantastic range of resources for all the children and an amazing ICT suite in the Pre-School Room. They treat each child as an individual and cater to their needs. My daughter has created a strong relationship with all the staff at Moortown Day Nursery, especially her Key Worker. All staff are very experienced, caring and immediately out both me and my daughter at ease.
It’s a huge weight off my mind to know that Layla is somewhere that she is happy and cared for.
I am sad to leave Moortown Day Nursery, but would like to say a huge thank you for caring for Joshua as you have. The Nursery is spacious with dedicated areas for each stage of development from 0- 5 years. Our main focus is to ensure that each unique child is nurtured to reach his or her full potential.
As well as the fantastic work they do with the children the staff are always warm and friendly with us as parents too.
I know my son is cared for by an excellent staff team and they are always happy to feed back to me to let me know what he has done that day. The management team are fantastic always welcoming us into the nursery with a smile, no matter how busy they look. I have enjoyed reading his Learning journey and seeing his pictures in nursery. Thank you again. Furthermore, it was some 15 months ago when Oliver had an accident attempting to surf our television set and ended up in hospital (yet again!!). On our ground floor we have our lower school for children aged 0-3 years, each age group has their own designated bright playroom. Again it must be noted that the understanding and professional response from Asquith Nurseries Limited was second to none, and very much appreciated, even to this day.
The nursery operates an open door policy, so I know that if I need to speak to my daughters Key Worker, I can just book an appointment at my convenience.
We both want to wish all those involved at your nursery all the very best for the future, and in their careers.
You really have been a fantastic advert for your employers and its brand, to say the least.

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