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Developing Creativity in: Infants * Toddlers * Preschoolers * Early School Age * Older School AgeEvery child has creative ability just waiting to be tapped!
Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, early school age and older children all delight in opportunities for expression through colors, shapes and sounds.
At The Creativity Institute, we believe that every child will benefit from accessing and developing his or her own creative resources through the right educational toys. And this is the advantage we all wish for our children and why creative toys and activities are so important throughout childhood. At pre-school age, children tend to be bundles of energy with lots to say and lots more to discover.
Some chatter constantly, some run and play incessantly and some sing, dance and perform, basking in the glow of attention. It is vitally important to continue your efforts to nurture creativity in your child at the early school age.
Edging their way toward the teenage years, older school-age children have frequently developed strong interests and bonding friendships.

Creative ability at any level can enhance life satisfaction and career success, no matter what occupational avenue your child ultimately chooses.
Toddlers are a delight as they begin testing boundaries and flexing muscles, especially those cognitive and creative. And even if your preschooler is just as happy flipping quietly through books, he's got creative energy just waiting to be unleashed.
As children start elementary school and begin spending more and more time with a wider circle of people, it is not uncommon for them to lose interest in certain activities. Their school and social activities can become more fraught with disappointments and emotional lows. Blocks, toys and cushions with bright colors, textures or interesting sounds are designed to help stimulate an infant's natural curiosity. Everything is a wonderful new experience for toddlers, and all you need to do is keep them supplied with assorted tools for creative growth, and they amaze you. Consider toys like puppets, hide-away tents, costume articles for dress-up, easels and art supplies, as well as books that invite imagery or rhythmic speaking.

By nudging your child toward creative play and the use of his or her imagination, you offer a significant resource for excellence in everything he or she pursues.
Suggested tools include tables with unlimited paper and crayons, paint, chalk and chalkboards, blocks, clay, construction toys and lots of opportunities for make-believe. Toys to consider at this level include lots of puppets, dolls, costumes and other pretend items, more comprehensive construction sets offering more complex structure opportunities, and as always, lots of writing and drawing tools, so that expressing feelings creatively is as simple as picking up a pencil. Now is the time to make sure that creative self-expression of some kind is a coping resource your child can depend on. The most important toys for children from this age on are those that allow their minds to grow and their imaginations to flourish.

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