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Here are 15 DIY non-toys for toddlers which are so simple to make and so engaging to play with! We all know that our toddlers and preschoolers love the bright, flashy toys that are marketed so widely in all of the shops, but having only one or two simple functions they quickly tire of them and they accumulate into a pile, hardly to be touched again. Here are 15 of our favourites from over the years, although there are many more in the archives too! I love activities made from everyday objects, will definitely be trying some of these out as my boy grows up, thank you!!
I love that all of your ideas are made of things you probably already have around the house. For Christmas I made this set of 4 exploratory toys for baby Bean using empty coffee, cocoa and milk powder canisters.
First I decorated the empty canisters by wrapping them in bright, patterned wrapping papers with contrasting colours. For this toy I simply cut a slot into the soft plastic lid and found some metal food lids that I had collected. For this one I punctured some holes into the sides and lid of the container and made sure there were corresponding holes at the same levels on each side. To make this one I simply cut some slits in the plastic lid and stuck in a bright, colourful, wooden lolly stick into each one.
They now sit next to our collection of Baby and Toddler Discovery Bottles in Bean’s Baby Play Area and are lots of fun for all our girls and their little visiting friends too!
Yours are so pretty ?? Jack’s OT had us make him one of the ribbon pull containers to practise his pincer grip as well as the pulling action. Wow these are amazing toys for toddlers as they includes lots of colors in it & more important they are safer too. I loved … my baby does not like the sensory activities with sticky stuff but loves to focus snaps open and close. With Avery entering toddlerhood very soon and Harlan who is still somewhat of a toddler, I am always on the lookout for toys that they can both have fun with and can also learn something from as well. When I made my visit to New York City’s Toy Fair last week, not only was I on the lookout for the best baby toys, but I also wanted to find the very best toddler toys on the market or soon to be released in 2013. There were so many great toys for your little tots and it was hard to narrow down my list, but I’ve found my absolute favorites that I know your toddler would love to play with! Puzzles are so much fun for kids, especially ones with bright colors, fun textures, and great patterns. If you have a little one that is anything like mine, she loves to roll balls and throw them anytime she can get her hands on them.
I fell in love with these wooden barns and animals not only for their great pretend fun, but also for the educational value that comes with it. Read more from Lauren at her personal blog, A Mommy in the City, where she chronicles her life living in New York City with a suburban mentality. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I also wanted to make a fish where the metal washer was on the outside of the fish to make them easier to "catch" with the magnet, and I came up with my own method of attaching them using satin ribbon which I think looks great and is really secure too (good if there are littler babies around the house). This homemade toddler toy comprises of some (metallic) fabric fishies and a fishing rod with a magnetic worm on the end.
Thread the metal washer through a small piece of ribbon and place it at the head-end of the fish. Now lay the second piece of fabric on top of the first, so that the printed sides are facing inwards. If you want you can snip little cuts around the periphery of your fish to help prevent bunching of the fabric once it is turned out. I used ladder stitch to close the seam as it provides an almost invisible stitch and is great for closing up soft toys.
Starting in the narrower tail region of the worm, use blanket stitch to sew the two pieces of felt together. Once you have almost sewn your worm together, place one end of your string into the tail region of the worm. Feed the other end of your string through this hole (you might need to use something pointy to help push the string through), and then tie a simple knot in the end of the string to secure the rope in place.
It is possible that you might need to shorten the string depending upon the height of the toddler playing with it. I bought a small metal bucket to store the fishies in, and the rod can stand up in it too so it all packs away together. The great thing about this fishing game is that it has endless possibilities for imaginative play.
I really hope you enjoyed my homemade toddler toy tutorial and that your little toddler enjoys playing with it too! Each fish is made from two pieces of felt hot glued together with a metal washer sandwiched in the middle. October 21, 2014 · by Chelsey · 7 Comments Pin1K Share30 Tweet Stumble +123There are are so many great gift ideas for toddlers!
All children benefit from playing with toys made from natural materials, but it’s especially important for toddlers.

14. Plan Toys Water Blocks: Not only are these blocks super fun to build with, but you can use them to practice color mixing by holding them up together!
Sensory play, fine motor skills, cause and effect, curiosity and investigation skills are all encouraged through these non-toys, and most are cost-free to put together. Yet the appeal of them seems to last a lot longer and some have been played with for a few years before wearing out. They are simple to make, cost very little to put together and are great for promoting fine and gross motor skills, concentration, curiosity and cause and effect, amongst other benefits.
I wanted to give her a few different motor skill activities to try and that could present a challenge for her 2 year old sister at the same time.
Then I collected some other materials to add to each one, to create a variety of types of toy.
I covered them in paper and numbered them 1-5 (a couple were already under the sofa by the time I took this picture!) That’s it!
Then I found a variety of highly tactile ribbons in different colours and widths, including velvet, organza, silky and grosgrain. In the lid I added a few more although these can only be pulled upwards until the lid is taken off and they are adjusted again. Pop enjoys both taking them out and putting them back and it’s great for strengthening her hands and wrists.
This canister is the only one that is made of metal so it lends itself well to being a noisy toy.
I have been collecting cans and baby milk containers on the hopes of putting them to some use. I totally love this and it is the type of stuff I feature on my Baby Play series, which is coming up on Feb. Beautifully crafted with a 12-by-15-inch solid wood base, thick sturdy wire, and wood beads, this winding wonder keeps little hands and minds busy for hours.
Getting educational toys in front of your child early can help them integrate into a classroom much easier if they have a grasp of concepts. Let might look like ordinary blocks at first glance, but turn off the lights and your tot (and you) will be amazed that they glow in the dark and show off a different pattern than what you see in the light.
Thomas the Train, a toddler favorite, will soon be available to give your tot a ride on this mini roller coaster. This puzzle will help teach them their colors, favorite animals, patterns, and different textures. Complete with cup holders, a sun roof, working horn, and even an ignition key, your child will love riding around in his new wheels. Your little one can stack the buttons as high as they can with different height arrangements.
After going through the story with her once and helping her build the different animals, she wanted to do it all on her own. This lifelike Elmo will wrap his hands around your little one and give them a hug when they need it most. This mini ball pit from PlayHut gives them the popular Disney character, Doc McStuffins and lets them have fun with the multi-colored balls all within a confined space! The set comes with larger DUPLO pieces that let them get creative and build whatever their heart desires. Help your little one match the numbers with their barn and they can also stack the barns in number order.
This magnetic fishing game is simple to sew and will provide endless hours of creative play.
You can make simple cardboard cutouts of fish with metal paperclips attached, or fish made out of felt and fabric. I usually lead a craft each term, and it has to be something quick and simple we can make while our children are in creche. The easiest way to do this is to feed the metal washer through the gap first, and then the rest of the fabric will follow quite easily.
See the video below (which isn't mine) for a demonstration of ladder stitch if you're not familiar with it.
Once your worm is half sewn, slide the magnets into the head region and then continue to sew the pieces together.
I made it for a friend of mine's son, but I think I might have to make a set for my son too as he was very interested in it and enjoyed walking around holding the bucket over his shoulder! In this gift guide I’m sharing some of our favorite colorful toddler toys made from wood! Wooden toys help to stimulate the senses of toddlers, while providing opportunities for play that are not overstimulating. When the children were younger, they’d place the shapes haphazardly on the pegs, and as they got older they’d begin to sort the shapes by color!
My mind is just racing with all the possibilities of play and learning that these little wooden blocks could be used for!
He loves being able to roll the car carrier around and thinks it’s super fun that little cars fit inside!
I love the weight and feel of them as well as the fact that they hold up so much better than plastic toys.

I haven’t had a ton of time to link up lately, but do enjoy stopping by from time to time. Baby has absolutely loved this toy the most as she is at that stage of delighting in putting things in and taking them out again. I threaded them through the holes, coming in one side and out the exact same place on the opposite side so that they could be easily pulled back and forth. Some of these ribbons make a lovely noise when pulled due to their stiffer material, so that added a lovely surprise element to play! This toy has been great for both baby and toddler as they use it at their own ability levels. The structure consists of five intertwined wires, securely attached at the wood base, adorned with free sliding beads of varied color, shape, size, and pattern. They also have a New York City skyline set which I am particularly fond of for obvious reasons.
This all in one kit comes with everything you need to let the scooter grow with your child. Whether you put this outside in the backyard or inside in the playroom, it will sure bring on some fun for your toddler and kids a little bit older. I love that this car allows for both the parent to steer, but when they get old enough the footboard can come out and they can drive on their own. She "read" the story to herself and did the best she could with the picture instructions to put the animals together that were mentioned in the story. With a little bit of assembly your toddler can have their very own fire truck to roll around the house.
They get to press levers and see the ball go down the different ramps and run into each animal.
The extra large pieces are also compatible with regular sized DUPLO pieces so they can use them well beyond the toddler years. The free printable template makes it easy to assemble, and it is a great gift idea for both little boys and girls.
I wanted to make a gift for a three year old boy and thought that the fabric fish was a sturdier option for him (plus I had some really pretty fabric I wanted to use!).
Backstitch over the region where the ribbon attaches to the fish just to make sure the washer is very securely attached.
There’s actually cylinder-shaped pieces that fit together inside the outside circle-shaped pieces. It’s a great game for teaching about object permanence as once the lids go in, the top can come off and they are discovered again inside! When shaken it makes a wonderful noise but when turned on its side and rolled it becomes a great crawler toy! Wooden blocks are such a great classic toy that with grow with your child and these glow in the dark blocks just take them a step further to make them even more fun!
My favorite feature of this car is the small wheel in the front that allows for the car to easily be turned 360 degrees by mom or dad. I loved that the creativity level was endless with this game and it is also a great educational tool for sorting and learning colors. I am so excited for this new book and lego set to come out because I know that both of my girls with have so much fun playing with it! Everything you need for assembly comes in the tube and the tube itself is used for the project, which helps reduce waste!
Elmo has always been a favorite of my oldest daughter and I've just started to notice that Avery is taking a liking to the furry red monster. It rolls away a little, then starts to roll back too, encouraging baby to crawl after it in an exciting game of chase! As the child slides beads across the tangle of wires, fine motor coordination and critical thinking skills are developed, as well as an understanding of both spatial relations and depth perception. At 2 you can add the little handle with the O ring to help them steer and by age 3 they will be ready for the T-bar and scoot anywhere they want to go! Both of my girls have always love the Poppin Park collection from Playskool and I know that this fun game that makes the animals look like they are gobbling up the balls with be so much fun for both of them to play with. The bright colors and the friendly faces on the blocks will definitely get your little one excited to start building.
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