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Try it once, and you'll see that nothing eases your little boy's transition from sit-down to stand-up potties as well as our clever green froggy baby urinal.
The bright, colorful unit easily mounts to the wall or supports itself in upright position on the floor, and the adorable shape attracts the attention of curious toddlers. Easy, Versatile Installation Installation and removal of the froggy urinal is quick and easy: It can either be mounted to the bathroom wall - including tile surfaces - with its two strong suction cups, or you can use it in freestanding upright position in any room. Ideal for Instruction More than a toy, the Lil' Jumble froggy potty is designed to provide the perfect training environment.

You can easily mount the unit at an ideal height for your growing boy, improving his balance and eliminating the need for stepstools.
Removable Bowl Insert The deep-set bowl reduces splashing so that you're left with truly minimal cleanup.
The bowl insert is also removable - a blessing for parents: Empty it and wash it in the sink or tub to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the whole family. Motivating Look & Feel The bright green frog-shaped urinal appeals to little boys, helping avoid the anxiety and distraction associated with traditional potty training.

Another nicety is the spinning target that provides laughs while encouraging your child's aim.
Can Train, Will Travel The urinal's exceptionally lightweight design (12.8 ounces) enables you to take the training wherever your child goes.

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