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When my twins were about 20 months old I walked into the girls’ room to find Juliette straddling the top rails of her crib. The turning point came when I walked into the girls’ room one morning and found them in the same crib. They say that you shouldn’t start any transitions before a new baby is due to arrive.
We tried to make their new big girl beds a really big deal, or as big of a deal as a few hours notice will give you. This real Jeep styled Little Tikes bed can grow with your toddler as they advance to a twin bed. It was fairly simple to transition the convertible crib into a toddler bed, at least it looked easy since I parked my very pregnant booty on the floor and supervised.

I finally got to pull out the crib skirts and quilts that had been hiding away in the closet. Being a first time parent I had no idea that my sweet little girl was that flexible or coordinated. Was my pregnancy brain working against me and had allowed me to forget putting them in the same crib? There wasn’t time to read books about moving into a big girl bed or time to pick out big girl bedding. The girls only had one way out of their cribs and never attempted to climb out… and it worked for almost 4 months! Once the front piece was removed the girls partied around their new big girl bed and shrieked with glee.

Instead I realized I have some serious toddler ninjas on my hands who were capable of scaling their cribs. In theory the sleepsack prevents kids from spreading their legs wide enough to climb out of the crib.

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