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N got down to business, painting away with the acrylics and chatting about all kinds of sea animals she saw at the aquarium. I just loved the sinks in the art room as a kid, those big half moon shapes that squirt water out when you put your hands under them.
My most vivid memory was grating up crayons and sandwiching them between wax paper to melt with an iron. My most vivid art memory … I had *so* much fun creating pottery in elementary school art class. I think my earliest memories that stand out are painting with finger paints at a pre-school play group.
My K teacher taught me how to curl paper strips around safety scissors so we could make 3 dimensional artwork!
My most vivid art memory would be spending all my free time in fifth grade (classroom time) drawing dollhouses complete with dollhouse furniture and people. My memory is of being 11 at school painting a ragdoll in a chair dressed in my dad’s old shirt as an apron. When I was in 6th grade we did an art project where we scraped away this black substance to create a picture.

There were many, but the one that comes to mind first is the time I made a witch doll with my English nanny…she was teaching me how to sew, and the witch’s body was made with an old piece of pantyhose!!
Love the bubble wrap idea…we just got some too, (for wet felting), but perhaps we’ll make these pictures instead!!!
N picked one that she wanted to try out today (and she graciously said we can save the other 11 art activities in the book for tomorrow. N chose many shades of blues, greens, and purple and decided to apply it in a stripey pattern. But one of my strongest memories, which I happened to be thinking about the other day, is from second grade.
I would repaint my model horses and also make them all sorts of tack, blankets, accessories. I remember going to Stage Fort Park in Glouceter MA (where I grew up) with friends and their moms as a 5 or 6 year old.
This will be a resource to use to allow them to explore without worrying about the end result. We must not have been very busy, because I remember everyone sitting around doing lots of nothing.

We all gathered nature objects on the beach, dug a wide, shallow hole and laid out our treasures.
Everyone else drew big green triangles, but I drew my tree with swags of branches down the sides, like the ones in the cartoons.
I cut them in piecees, and glued them onto a piece of wood (using glue I wasn’t alowed to use). She belonged to a pottery guild and would bring home hunks of clay for me and my brothers and sisters to play with. I decided to fill the time with a crafty pursuit – and proceeded to make a little model briefcase out of light yellow paper, tape, and scissors.
I remember being so involved in my little project, and everyone standing around waiting to see what I was creating. I remember that sandy, shell and seaweed piece hanging on my parents’ bedroom all through my childhood.

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