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The number of underpants (3) in your package is perfect for my purpose ( I'm the nagging grandparent!), plus the stickers with the free achievement sheet, are a terrific ploy.
I also thought your pricing was most valid, AND the postage method to Canada didn't take my breath ( and cheerfulness ) away! As children embark for fun with their engine friends, adventures unfold that leads to timeless life lessons. It is now 2008, a time in which some people might consider stories about talking trains to appeal to both boys and girls. And please, in time for my two year old niece who is Thomas-mad to have some knickers for Christmas.

MAKING TRACKS TO GREAT DESTINATIONS!These Thomas The Engine Tank & Friends Underwear Briefs are excellent for motivating your son to get potty trained (Don't forget to check out potty training tips for more helpful ideas!) and to start wearing big boy underwear!!Thomas the Train Toddler Boys Underwear include 3 boy briefs per pack.
It's great to hear there are other little girls out there who love Thomas. My son loves these!!! Overall the product meets our expectations and the transaction was smooth and seamless. Another Girl wanting Thomas undies!
My 3 year old is trying to convince me that she is a boy so I will buy her Thomas underwear. Please, please, please realize that little girls love Thomas too and want to wear the undies! Grand daughter 4 yrs.

Better for Haynes to join the rest of us in 2008!! Why are the pants only made for boys?

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