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If you've ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you know how miserable they can be—you feel like you have to urinate all the time, it burns when you do, and you may even experience pain or fever. For kidney infections: Your child has side pain near the kidneys and a fever (though younger children may have abdominal pain that they can't localize to the kidney). UTIs can become pretty serious in children, so if you suspect one, have your primary care doctor take a urine sample. For example, once toilet-trained, children may "hold it in" or rush the process so that they don't fully empty their bladder, which interferes with the body's normal flushing mechanism.
Unfortunately, toddlers, particularly girls, are at an increased risk of getting a UTI while they're potty training. However, not every child with symptoms of a UTI actually has one, so it's important to check the urine test. Also, encourage your child to sit on the toilet for a potential bowel movement after each meal can be helpful (the "gastro-colic reflex" increases the chance your toddler will have a bowel movement since the natural tendency of the rectum is to empty after eating). Some girls have bacteria in their urine on a regular basis that does not cause any symptoms. This "asymptomatic bacteruria" is usually harmless, and generally recurs after treatment anyway.

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