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By Sheryl Cooper Have you tried to find toddler valentine crafts only to see they are way too complicated?
Use a cotton ball to spread a thin layer of pink paint on the bottom of your child’s foot. Throughout the year, my daughter and I enjoy making footprint and handprint crafts for each holiday. These types of crafts are great because they’re fun and easy for kids and the message behind them is just sweet. I’m so glad you stopped by today!   Be sure to follow A Pinch of Joy so you don’t miss a thing!  I’d love to have your company on this venture!! Since I currently have a 3 year old little boy that is obsessed with all things insect related, we had to make sure we included them in our first love themed craft of the season.  And in that, we definitely succeeded!

These little heart shaped bumblebee crafts are super easy to make, take hardly any time at all, and will even help your child practice their scissor skills (if they’re old enough for scissors that is).  Oh, and did I mention that they are adorable? To make cutting the hearts easier for your child, simply fold your paper in half and draw a half heart shape along the fold and have them cut along the line. Starting with one of your black hearts, start creating a pattern of black, yellow, black, yellow by laying each heart on top of the one before it and gluing them together.  To make sure that you can see the face of your bumblebee, start with black on the bottom and work your way up finishing with a yellow heart. I am always searching for ideas on Pinterest and am amazed at how many ideas are tagged for toddlers but really are more for preschoolers. She has been teaching this age group for over 15 years and loves to share her passion with teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone with young children in their lives.
For our Valentine’s craft this year, she and I made a Valentine craft using handprints and footprints.

So, when I put this toddler valentines craft collection together, I paid close attention to the details.
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