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Toddlers, even more so than older children, need really warm winter gear because they may not be as actively moving around outside as older children.
Many different types of companies make toddler winter coats, so choosing a brand is largely based on the style of coat you would like to purchase. Remember, toddler winter coatsĀ  can be expensive, and buying one every year adds up quickly.
Generally, toggle coats are made from wool or woolen-looking fabrics (as opposed to synthetics), and feature several toggle closings on the front of the jacket. Some makers also offer pea coats for boys, but these are usually less popular than they are for girls.

If you are unsure of the exact style, you may want to visit a local department store, where several different types of toddler jackets should be available.
It may be a good idea to find local families in your area with whom you can swap clothing as it is outgrown. While this can become expensive, there are ways to save on toddler coats; for example, selling the coat as the next winter starts can help defray the cost of buying another one. Parents may like the look of a boys’ pea coat as a dressy coat, but toddlers seldom have more than one winter jacket.
Toddler coats generally remain in good condition because they are only worn for a few months, which makes them prime candidates to be resold for another child to benefit from.

Of course, if you buy your child’s winter coat used, you will get it for a vastly reduced price than you would have paid had you bought it new. Whether you buy new or used, go for a versatile style in a color that goes with virtually everything in order to make your life just a little bit easier.

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