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High heels fit for a toddler have come to roost in my house so I won’t wag my finger and tsk tsk with the best of them.
Of course her outfit wouldn’t be complete without her signature (and highly controversial) high heels. The colors are cute in white and pink while the design seems pretty safe with high side rails around the bed.

This bed has 28 more cubic feet of storage spaces and comes with design that can be used in a princess bedroom. The railings are high, much higher than railings for other beds making it almost impossible for the girl to fall down to the floor when sleeping although you might use thick twin mattress for this bed. The material of this twin loft bed is plastic with sturdy construction and is easy to assembly.

As a whole, this twin-sized loft bed is a wonderful loft bed for toddler which is safe, durable and can be used as a princess bed.

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