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Our appointment began with a long questionnaire about Apollo’s past and current sleep habits. As far as sleep, Tuesday I gave Apollo one does of the antihistamine to increase appetite and then gave him melatonin about 30 minutes before bedtime. Yesterday, I decided to skip the anti-histamine so I could be sure it was the melatonin that was making him sleep…so he just got the melatonin before bed. We have gotten our quiet evenings back, and our boy gets 1-1.5 more hours of sleep every night than he used to.
I am so happy for Apollo…God gave us medicine, good doctors and I think you are doing the right thing. Like some of the other commenters, I was also wondering if he ate more than usual on the antihistamines. I’m also inclined to speculate with one of the commenters above that maybe his esophagus needs to build up the muscle which it was prevented from building up before. If anyone gives you a hard time for giving your kid medicine, you should quote the Bible on them. Poor sleep is not just exhausting for parents, but can be a real problem when a child is essentially NEVER getting any good sleep (which sounds like Apollo’s history). Gosh, the part about an empty stomach sounds like it would be a poor fit for Apollo, because they are really working to get his food intake up right now! Oh for heaven’s sake for you to even have to put that note in the bottom is just sad.
I’m so glad to hear that the doctor was so wonderful and that you may have found a way to help him sleep. I used to wake up every hour or so and they put me on a anxiety medication that has a huge side effect of drowsiness. Some people need a little extra boost, and sometimes it is something they need their whole life.

I absolutely think you and Chuck are great parents who have tried just about everything under the sun to help Apollo get the sleep and nutrition he needs.
You probably all know this is a hormone our body produces naturally…some people just need a little boost. This was not the coughing, sputtering choking that you’d expect in a toddler, but he was sucking in air and breathing around the french fry. And he was up every two hours, tossing and turning, talking, crying…back to his normal sleep habits. Doctors (and it sounds like especially this guy) know their stuff, and coupled with your judgement as his mother I’m sure you know the right thing to do.
I wonder if there is some kind of physical therapy to help his body learn to swallow again. If this is the case, then his eating may continue to have issues for some while, but over time, as that muscle starts to develop, it will get better. Decent sleep is necessary for growth, and if Apollo needs some thoughtful and considered chemical help to get into a natural sleep pattern that makes sense. My oldest child was a bad sleeper, although nothing as severe as Apollo, and I still remember vividly the despair of having to face a long, active day yet again without enough sleep. My mom has been on the same sleeping pills as me for 8 years and could never go off of them. The doctor only gave this a 5-10% chance in working with Apollo because he goes to sleep and wakes up in the same 2 hour window. It was taking all of his effort to breathe both in and out with a loud, audible wheeze and hunching and heaving of his shoulders. Apollo nurses at night and we try to feed him a snack around 7, but he often refuses to eat it.
It almost sounds like, because of the restriction, the smooth muscle of the esophagus isn’t working in the rhythmic contractions like it should to move food down.

There were a lot of people there with the same problem, some had food that was only liquid and they are gradually given foods that are solid. Every week or two, Apollo will wake up in the night and be wide awake for one, two or three hours…Initially, of course, he had undetected health reasons for not sleeping (reflux, heart defect which made it difficult to breathe). Since he was moving some air (unlike the incident in December where we called 911) I decided to just try to help him relax. I pray that he will be able to sleep and eat so he can grow and grow out of the more difficult parts of the narrowing.
You also need to make sure he is getting a good multivitamin with a B complex (the Bs are important in converting the tryptophan). I made a point to let him know I appreciated the fact that he had done his homework and knew all about Apollo. Believe me, never in my life did I envision a time when I would give my child (a toddler no less) a drug to help him sleep. I’m pretty vigilant about healthy foods for my little ones and avoiding unnecessary medication, etc. But, we’ve given the naturopathic methods (valerian, essential oils) several weeks to work with no change. Thank God for doctors who care and see Apollo as a real little person with valid emotions and fears.

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