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New York City got an F in geography this month as news got around that 311 (the official New York City info line) has been giving out inaccurate information about elementary school zones. The NYC Department of Education website is not only inaccurate, but there are no directions on how to use it. If you don't have an address: Since many people want to move into a particular school zone, you need to see a map outlining each school's catchment area. Inside Schools is a great resource for parents interested in unbiased information about NYC public schools. While the folks at 311 were giving out inaccurate info, once they realized their error they acted quickly to correct the situation. School Zone Maps for Areas with Changes: As long as your school zone hasn't changed recently, the DOE and Inside Schools sites should serve you fine. Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented amount of school rezoning due to the introduction of several new schools to help ease overcrowding. The site covers all five boroughs, and has school reviews and helpful info about education in NYC. During regular business hours, 311 is currently transferring all calls about school zoning to a DOE-trained specialist as per DNAinfo.
However, Lower Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Sunset Park have had school zone changes for the 2012-2013 school year that are not reflected on those maps. Even for this can-do couple, relocating fifty-five employees and their families was a daunting task, but they felt proximity to the prestigious Roswell Park was worth the effort.

Apparently even the DOE and can't keep up with the changes, so what are parents supposed to do—especially with the deadline for kindergarten applications looming? Search the Inside Schools website for the school you are interested in and then look at the profile and you'll find a link for the school zoning map. Little did they know that creating their dream home in Western New York would turn out to be a major project as well.The dining area, with its exposed brick wall, is adjacent to the spiral staircase. However, this is a tutorial on how to use the map for zones that aren't currently in confusion. You'll see there are boxes that say "Standard," "Neighborhoods", "Districts" and "More." If you hover over the "More" box, it gives you options to show details on the map. To Inside School's credit, all outdated maps have been removed, but that just means there is no information for schools that have had recent zoning changes.
One of the options is "School Zones." Click on "School Zones" and zone outlines will appear on the map in blue. You can then search for the school you are interested in, an address or just zoom in on an area to see the particular zoning. When one became available on Summer Street’s charming dog-legged block just west of Richmond Avenue, they snapped it up. The goal was a big one: Overhauling the neglected interior of the circa-1840, two-story-with-basement house with an eye toward both updating and making the most of the small living area. Outside, they determined to meet the historic and traditional exterior standards that are upheld by the rest of the well-tended block.

Wingfelder, these goals have been met.In the kitchen, drawer storage seemed the best route to take in order to maximize space and keep the soapstone countertops clear. The designer found a serene, balanced feel for the upstairs suite by basing it on the ridge-line peak of the roof.
Centering on that line, he created symmetrical access, from door to bedroom, and door to bathroom. A built-in desk makes the most of a tiny balcony that juts over the living space from the bedroom. One of Brownlee’s ideas for the overall design was to use glass doors, and Wingfelder played around with them in the en suite bathroom for privacy and light.
Using clear and frosted glass for the walk-in shower and his-and-hers sink area creates what feels like one whole space.
Glass doors on the first floor provide additional continuity throughout the house.Minimal living space mandated that Kogan and Brownlee be simple, but creative. We got a few pieces from [French design firm] Ligne Rosset when it was still reasonably priced. So John ended up designing almost everything, and it was made locally at Advantage Woodshop.

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