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Maddy and her mother shrugged off the naysayers, acknowledging that the fake lady parts give her a leg up on the competition. But the ramifications for such behavior goes far beyond a single beauty pageant competition, experts say. Levin noted that the girls' dolled-up looks could push some adults who have trouble keeping boundaries with underage girls even further. While a 4-year-old wearing fake breasts is an extreme version of this type of objectification, this sexiness begins to normalize the expectation of little girls' appearances, Levin said. In response to the "increasing problem" of the sexualization of girls in the media, the American Psychological Association created a task force to research and respond to the problem. While Brown said one cannot assume that all young girls who dress inappropriately turn out to have early sexual experiences or other risky behaviors, "I do wonder what type of limit setting and discipline occurs in their household," she said.
As a mother to a 12-year-old girl, Brown acknowledged the difficulty in shielding her from the sexualization of girls and the objectification of women in society.

To combat the inevitable bombardment of images on shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, Levin encouraged parents to communicate with their children about what it is they're seeing on TV and hearing at school. A spaghetti strap swimsuit in a gorgeous Navy Starburst print with red trim, finished off with a delightful bead detail.
Toddlers and Tiaras is an American reality TV show following the families of contestants in child beauty pageants.
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The online community has been buzzing with criticisms and expressions of disgust for Maddy's outfit and the sexualization of girls on the show. It's important for parents not to brush these images off as inappropriate behavior, marketing and media, but to acknowledge and explain to children what they're seeing and what makes it inappropriate.

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