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I am quite frequently asked what it is I do to Aniya’s hair to make it look so pretty. We wash only once a week using the Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner (can be purchased at Target). This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission (at no additional cost to you) from purchases made via my links!
Has your toddler ever received a wonderful toy gift that they loved when they opened it, only to have it end up at the bottom of the toy bin, or pushed to the back of a shelf somewhere?
Or maybe you rotate toys in and out of storage to provide a wide variety of activities for your toddlers. As a mommy of 3 toddlers, who have received an excessive amount of toy gifts, I’ve noticed there are particular toys that tend to withstand the test of time! So if you are looking for toddler gift ideas for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, I would highly recommend something off the following list! I happened to find 2 of the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike Vehicles second-hand at a consignment sale. If you liked this post, then click here to check out 10 Gift Ideas for Preschoolers under $10! This gift guide is part of an incredible collection of curated lists by kid activity and parenting bloggers! If you are looking for more gift ideas, check out this “Gift Guides for Kids” board on Pinterest! A paper from researchers at the University of Iowa (UI) has revealed that by the age of two, ninety percent of toddlers are able to use a tablet.
And, perhaps more impressively, or depressingly according to your view, over 50 percent of infants aged between 12 to 17 months had a “moderate ability” to use tablets. The researchers said the purpose of their research was to see how the babies were using tablets by analysing YouTube videos. Infants and toddlers are using iPads and devices and it’s happened very fast, said Juan Pablo Hourcade, an associate professor at UI. He said when children are over a year old, they switch from using both hands and all their fingers to manipulate tablets, like grown ups do.
He believes there could be opportunities for people to develop apps to help interactive education for toddlers and infants.
The researchers did not speculate on the effect using tablets at these tender ages might have on minds of the future candidates for adulthood.

As far as styling I douse with a detangler (Suave kids) and comb out with a wide tooth comb. Are there some toys that go through the rotation that your children will barely play with and quickly become bored with? These toys will be the best value for you, because they won’t just end up in the next garage sale, or the donation box! My twin girls started playing with most of these toys after their 1st birthday party, and still play with them now that they are almost 3. Sometimes I wish we had 3 of them in order to avoid arguments when they aren’t sharing!
They will load it up with a doll, stuffed animal, or a bunch of small toys and push it all over the place.
I have watched my kids enjoy many hours with the toys on this list, and I am sure there will be many more hours to come. But I know it was one of my favorites when I was little ?? Thanks so much for linking up at Come Along Ponds! Then I massage through the hair more of the Fekkai conditioner (It works well as a leave in). My son has been playing with some of these toys before he was even 1, and still loves them at age 19-months. We have the pink set, which they all started playing with around 9 months of age, and have loved them ever since. We actually have this Step2 Shopping Cart, but the Little Tikes cart in the image above was the #1 best seller on Amazon when I was writing this post. It’s actually a shape sorter, because the bottom of the eggs have different shapes that match the egg carton.
The girls will treat them like dolls, and pretend they are feeding them, burping them, or snuggling them in for nap. We happened to get the pink corn popper as a gift, but Will plays with it all the time too. Obviously in the beginning, they weren’t the best at stacking, but they loved to watch me do it. Or they will line the cups up, nest them together, and then un-nest them (take them apart) over and over again. We actually have received a few Little People Playsets, but my kids prefer to just play with the people figurines and not with the houses or castles.

It’s another toy that I wish I had multiple of because of the fights I have to break up over it!
Also, please take into account the age recommendations and what you think your child can handle. We actually have 4 inexpensive toy strollers that we got as gifts, which is great because we have back-up just in case one breaks! The kids didn’t even pay attention to that at first, they just loved to carry the eggs around (like in the stroller), or put them in buckets. But I think their favorite way to play with these cups is not in the way that was necessarily intended for this product.
Just look for something age appropriate in the arts and craft aisle, I’m sure they’ll love it! Sometimes I will blowdry for just a couple of minutes to really set the curls and combat the shrinkage. There is also a similar egg sorter by TOMY too. If you are looking for an inexpensive toddler gift idea, I’d highly recommend this!
With young toddlers, it can be set up as a rocker (like a rocking horse) and used as an indoor toy. There isn’t too much a of a night routine at this point but I am sure once her hair starts getting longer and harder to brush out in the mornings I will begin wrapping it.
As your children get older, it then converts into a trike that an adult can push while the child rides (as shown in the image above). So I guess not only does this gift idea help motor skills, it also promotes imagination in toddlers too!
It has little platforms for their feet, and the seat is adjustable according to their leg length. Then, when your toddler is old enough, the push handle can detach so they can pedal themselves around!

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