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Rather than sit with them till they are asleep go in and out reassuring them that you will be back.
Use a reward chart (for 3 year olds and above) to change behaviour but you must be consistent with it. Meal times can become a battle ground with toddlers as they start to decide what they do and don’t like. A few little tips can help you navigate through this phase but remember it is okay to say NO to them and it is okay for them to not like you, for that moment! Natural consequences: A toddler learns discipline best when he experiences natural consequences for his behaviour, rather than a disconnected punishment like time-out. If you would like more advice or support for you and your toddler, click here or to purchase our seminar recording on this subject click here. With Mother’s Day coming up next Sunday, I’ve decided to dedicate each day this week to offering tips, inspiration, and stories to all the traveling moms out there, especially those who might be questioning how, where, or why they can bring their children out into the world. Next to airline travel with babies and toddlers, dining out may be one of the more fraught topics of conversation for new parents. When your child is between the ages of about ten months and two years old, my best tip is to be realistic and patient. And a little bribery can go a long way – when my children were little I wasn’t above pulling a new toy out of my purse that I had purchased just for the occasion or letting them have goldfish crackers for dinner, making up for it with something health later on. As with many things having to do with small children, being prepared is a key part of success when it comes to dining out with babies. I have to agree with Keryn – food is such a great way to experience and expose yourself and your family to different cultures. For more tips about dining on the road with children see my suggestions in Road trip tip: Eating on the road.
And feel free also to share your own tips for eating on the go with babies and toddlers in the comments below.

Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile came up with the adorable idea of capturing toddlers taking their first bites of lemon. They may ask for you to stay with them when falling asleep and then when they wake overnight.
It can be the age of tantrums and telling you, “NO!” Try not to take this behaviour personally – you child is discovering themselves as little individuals and testing out ways of being independent from you.
At the end of the day, we want our kids to use alternative strategies when they have a problem and so we need to model this for them. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it – I love to eat out, but during the toddler years, it’s really tough to do so. We embarked on a 3-week, 4000-mile road trip with Tommy when he was a few months old, assuming that dining out would be no problem as up until that point he would usually happily doze in his car seat carrier while we ate.
Don’t avoid restaurants altogether (I believe that children only learn how to dine out by actually doing so) but try to be sensible in your choices. Of couse, it’s easy for me to say that with hindsight – as a first-time mom I would never have thought so. You benefit by 1) not having to worry about your child’s behavior and 2) being able to purchase only the amount of food your child will realistically eat.
And starting at a young age means your child may be more open to trying different foods in the future. I share this post also as part of Wanderfood Wednesday at Wanderlust and Lipstick – if you’re feeling hungry for some great food writing and photographs be sure to check it out. You’ll find more traveling mom wisdom in our post about what we wish we knew the first time we traveled with a baby and also our tips about packing for travel with babies and toddlers. We need to support and guide them through this time with effective methods of setting boundaries and discipline while allowing them to develop a sense of themselves.

Mobile children don’t necessarily want to sit still to eat and their concept of an “inside voice” is limited at best.
When my son was just starting to eat solid food, we ask at a Chinese food restaurant, if they wouldn’t mind making us some soft, broiled chicken and brown rice.  It came out cut up into tiny pieces, perfect for him to eat. Dole out colorful sugar cereals or small candies (I like mini M&Ms) one at a time to preserve sanity as you near the end of your journey. And please come back tomorrow when we share our tales of woe from the traveling trenches – humorous stories of what went wrong and how we (and our children) survived. I’m so excited to bring you the collective experience of this truly amazing group of family travelers who have been round the world and back with their little ones. You may find during this time that the wine you used to sip as a complement to your meal has become more of a tool to loosen the tension in your jaw. After a long day of driving, we’d find a place to dine and then one of us would have to walk around with a crying baby while the other one ate. Large markets with food stalls and dining areas like Quincy Market in Boston, Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, or the Farmers Market in Los Angeles are also good choices – not only do you have lots of options when it comes to what you’ll eat, but since these spaces tend to be loud and full of movement, your child isn’t going to attract any notice. As your child gets a little older though you might find that feeding baby while traveling, while still not too complicated, gets messy! When we last visited Wegmans, we found that they even have a dedicated, family-friendly seating area and show movies in the evenings. Be sure to pack a wipeable bib, infant cereal you mix with water (it’s easy to travel with and nutritionally complete), and the new foil packets of baby purees that are so much easier to pack than jars.

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