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I always assume¬†psychology¬†students watch Toddlers & Tiaras with visions of dancing dollars signs in their head. I don’t really watch this anymore, but the worst one I saw, by which I mean the one that made me the saddest for these girls, was the one with pageant coach 31 year old Brandi, who also entered the pageant!
For some time now, it has been fashionable to proclaim that being a sex trade worker is a form of empowerment. When any thing can be viewed as anything, or be deconstructed and reconstructed at will, we have arrived at everythingism — a featureless desert where our words and thoughts are utterly without meaning. She looks like a Barbie, but when she said something about taking her Prozac…it made me very sad.

The class was cancelled after negative publicity, but had it gone ahead I expect it would have filled up instantly, with a waiting list. Because we have abandoned standards, to the point where we collectively scoff and ridicule when anyone suggests our collective conduct is immoral, unethical, or unwise.
There we have no culture, no compass, and no right to claim surprise when a three-year-old tells us she is sexy and she knows it. If Mommy Dearest keeps this up, in 10 years she’ll have a granddaughter to enter in pageants, too. I really wonder what Redfoo and Skyblu’s reaction would be if anyone asked them about it.

Because if your child’s going to start basing her entire self-worth on her ability to draw attention to her body, might as well start now. Whether you like their music or not, it’s obviously intended to be performed and listened to by adults. They seem like decent enough guys, I doubt they’d be stoked about their music being used to sexualize children.

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