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The famous peppermint Paisley returns to the pageant circuit with new costume choices and a talent agent. Season 1, Episode 1: Universal Royalty National Pageant27 January 2009Everything is big in Texas, especially the stakes at Universal Royalty! Season 1, Episode 2: Miss Georgia Spirit3 February 2009This first annual pageant brings in girls of all ages from all over Georgia, and range from full glitz to au naturale. Season 1, Episode 4: Chitlin Strut17 February 2009This pageant in South Carolina may be held in a very small town, but it draws girls from many states who have big dreams of stardom. Season 1, Episode 6: Southern Celebrity Wonderland Pageant17 March 2009With 90 contestants at the Wonderland pageant in Charleston, WV, there is plenty of great competition! Season 1, Episode 7: Stars of Pennsylvania24 March 2009The stage is full of glitz and glamour at this pageant in Pittsburg, PA.
Season 1, Episode 8: Texas Walk of Fame7 April 2009At the Texas Walk of Fame pageant boys and girls come from all over to win the title and $1000 cash! Season 1, Episode 9: Darling Divas14 April 2009Brooklyn, NY is the home of the Darling Divas pageant where your inner diva shines! Season 2, Episode 3: West Virginia Walk of Fame5 August 2009This West Virginia pageant may be held in a small town, but the Walk of Fame pageant is big time. Season 2, Episode 4: American Regal Gems12 August 2009East Coast Pageants draw a variety of glitz girls from New York to Utah.
Season 2, Episode 5: National Gold Coast19 August 2009This National Gold Coast pageant is the real Little Miss Sunshine that brings together the best of the west. Season 2, Episode 6: Beautiful Dolls26 August 2009North Carolina holds high-end pageants where the glitz and glitter get you the gold. Season 2, Episode 7: Dazzling Dreams2 September 2009Marmaduke, Arkansas draws a big crowd for their Babes of Summer pageant.
Season 2, Episode 8: Outlaw Pageant9 September 2009In West Virginia, the Outlaw pageant draws the most serious of competition. Season 2, Episode 9: Gold Coast OC Spring Pageant16 September 2009The Golden Coast of California is host to this high stakes pageant as newcomer Sparkal, 7, takes on returning heavy hitter Michaela, 8, and seasoned pro Cassidy, 7, where Beauty, Talent, and Swimwear will decide who will be the Ultimate High Point Winner.
Season 2, Episode 12: Universal Miss and Master International14 October 2009UMMI brings the best pageant beauties from all over the country as Jordyn, 6, looks to bring home another UMMI crown.
Season 2, Episode 13: Arizona Gold Coast21 October 2009Competition heats up in Arizona, as glitz girl Charlie, 4, has high hopes in winning big in this years Gold Coast Pageant. Season 2, Episode 14: Little Miss Glitz20 January 2010Florida brings out great competition for their Little Miss Glitz Pageant as top contenders Cruz Rodriguez, 1, goes up against Maddox Herrera, 1, and cutie Kinley Rice, 3.

Season 2, Episode 15: Southern Majestic Pageants27 January 2010Charlotte, North Carolina brings the heavy hitters in the pageant world as Victoria, 7, Chelsea, 10, and Arianna, 5, all vie to be grand supreme in the Southern Majestic Pageant. Season 2, Episode 17: Gold Coast California Grand State Finals10 February 2010The Gold Coast Pageant is home to some of the best pageant beauties of the southwest.
Season 2, Episode 18: Universal Royalty National Pageant 217 February 2010With $5000 at stake, pageant superstar Eden, 4, will work the stage like never before to win back her crown, but Janene, 5, will pull out all the stops to beat her rival. Season 3, Episode 7: Winter Beauties14 July 2010Another Ultimate Grand Supreme title is up for grabs as Texas hosts the Winter Beauties Pageant. Season 3, Episode 9: Royal Essence28 July 2010The storm clouds are brewing at the Royal Essence pageant, but it is all sunshine and smiles on stage. Season 3, Episode 10: Gold Coast, Arizona29 December 2010Makenzie, 4, is back and at the top of her game. Season 3, Episode 11: Universal Royalty, Texas5 January 2011All the glitz and glamour shine on stage at the Universal Royalty pageant in Austin, Texas.
Season 3, Episode 12: Fancy Faces12 January 2011Falls, follies and pulled follicles are all part of the fun as Oklahoma City plays host to the Fancy Faces pageant.
Season 3, Episode 13: Viva Las Vegas19 January 2011Gold Coast brings contestants from all over the country for an intense competition at the entertainment capital of the world for their Viva Las Vegas Pageant. Season 3, Episode 14: Mardi Gras26 January 2011Plenty of girls, beads and glitz all promise a good show at the Mardi Gras pageant in Darien, Georgia.
Season 3, Episode 15: Groovy Girls2 February 2011Texas is heating up, as Taralyn, 6, Brooklyn 5, and newcomer Zana, 6, all fight for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme at the Groovy Girls pageant in Nacogdoches, Texas. TLC orders 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' spinoff starring 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Alana ThompsonToddlers & Tiaras beauty queen Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson is getting her very own TLC reality series.
TLC orders 'Toddlers and Tiaras' child beauty pageant docu-reality seriesTLC has announced it has ordered Toddlers and Tiaras, a new reality series that will go behind-the-scenes of child beauty pageants by profiling its pint-sized participants and their parents.
This website has been solely developed and presented by Reality TV World, and is in no way authorized or connected with any network, station affiliate, or broadcasting sponsor. In this pageant, mothers and daughters compete against each other to win the title and $5,000 cash!! But all eyes are on Payton, who at six years old, is hoping for a Grand Supreme title to mark his retirement from pageantry. Feisty brothers Maverick, 2, and Hayden, 3 are completely unpredictable on stage and newcomer Taralyn, 4, battles rival Faith, 5, for the ultimate prize! Little princess, Paige, 4, does some unusual preparation with a chiropractic adjustment but it's pageant pro, Essence, 6, who steals the show with her Tina Turner routine.

The competition is fierce between a full glitz pro, Eden, 4 and fan favorite, Cameron, a seven year old pageant veteran.Heather A. Victoria, 6, embarks on her first full glitz pageant against heavy hitter Morgan, 7 and Elexis, 6 who is hoping her winning edge will be her double entry in the talent category. Hope, 6, is the local heavy hitter taking on Sara, 4, and the Sprinkle Sisters who are a triple threat to beat at ages 6, 8 and 10. Isabella, 6, comes all the way from Michigan to compete against WV's true beauty Jayden, 5. Competition heats up as these three beauties have their eyes on the crown and the $1000 cash prize. Standing in her way Lexie, 5, a heavy hitter in the pageant world, and Zander, 5, a pageant diva in the boy's division. But the pageant is off to a bad start when the pageant director is missing leading to an outraged crowd.
Taleah, 4, Jasmine, 5, and Lauren, 7, are all from families who have sacraficed a lot to get here, but which beauty will rise to the top to take home the big crown. Aniston, 3, Teeghan, 3, and April, 6, are all here to compete, but only one can be crowned the Ultimate Grand Supreme. Kayleigh, 3, will compete alone on stage for the first time against heavy hitters Brooklyn, 10, and Brittannie, 9. See Kaylee, 10, Darrick, 4, and Olivia, 3, all battle for the top crown and cash in this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. Twins, Scarlett and Isabella, 1, are a dynamic duo supported heavily by their mother's millions. Watch pageant beauties SamiJo, Jackynn, and Alexis all vie for the top crown and find out who has this year's fanciest face! For the Ayala sisters, Angela, 8, Addison, 5, and Aliana, 2, it is their first time doing a glitz pageant!

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