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You might want to unplug those hot rollers and get that spray tan machine off the kitchen table, people.
If the sparkle has really gone out of our Wednesday nights, the least I can do is toss you a bone or two while we figure out how to reprogram our DVRs. So jump in the Toddler Time Machine with me and bloop back to some of our favorite moments. Tanked up on sass and Go-Go Juice, Alana Thompson holla’d her way to a dolla and into our hearts as soon as she hit the screen. As we try and work through our separation anxiety issues, I think it’s important to remember all the baby breakdowns and mama meltdowns that made us smile and scratch our heads and almost choke on our ill-fitting flippers over the years. Pageant Director Tanisha Dorsey explained how the whole thing was going to go down in a very matter of fact kind of way. Tanisha basically just read us the description from the website like you do during a Powerpoint presentation. Without reading the fine print, I’m thinking more of a quick pass over the Ramada roof. The Outfit of Choice portion was going to be Totz Internationale and basically just opened up the flood gates for any of the stereotypically ethnic interpretations that got Paula Deen booted out of Target. Serious head trauma and brain swelling aside, Brenna seemed to have survived the Death Drop, though I think it changed her hair color and may have tweaked her personality test scores a little bit.
Kind of like when Jason Quartermaine hit that tree in the middle of the night going 120 mph on General Hospital and suddenly changed his name and got a gym membership. She was bossing Daddy Don around like he was her personal pageant beeotch, making him put on the same headgear that they wear in those Crown Royal liquor commercials while he groveled at her feet as Mom spiked the back of her hair like she was filming a reboot of Jon & Kate Plus 8.
I’m going to also assume that Brenna was the one who made Dad put on that polyester Chess King shirt with all the race cars screen printed all over it, because no grown a** man would buy that on his own, right? As Brenna blew an artery because the battery in her pink Big Wheel Cadillac wouldn’t hold a charge, we were off to meet the second little princess.
Pageant Coach from Hell Nikki was back in the hizzle and already talking shizzle about fat moms and ugly babies as she put 4 year old Madison through her routines.
The coach that you love to hate and hate to love, Nikki had Madison’s Mom Shelley a little flustered right from the get go as she awkwardly tried to explain why the family chose Nikki as their coach. Honestly, by the time Mom told America that her daughter had a fat a** and Nikki got (bleeped) out again, I just needed a cocktail and an unlisted number. Pint-sized 3 year old Sophia-Rayne and Mom India explained how black mold in their old home had almost ended her pageant career before it even started, until they were blessed with their new digs. Sophia’s Outfit of Choice was going to be a gigantic Phoenix Indian Goddess contraption that you usually only see in Pride Parades. Not to be outdone, Brenna was back home working my last nerve as she worked on her Cleopatra routine with Coach Cambrie Littlefield. Cambrie, better known as the anti-Nikki, was still gorg as evah as she attempted to take Brenna out for a run in the hopes of starting her on a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Looking like they were filming a workout video for the Nature Channel, Cambrie got about 14 feet from the starting line before Brenna completely melted down and needed to use the bathroom. Then there was some more fat, ugly, jealous of me shiz that got (bleeped) out during an iPhone FaceTime convo that proved beyond a doubt my theory that Nikki was calling from inside the Poltergeist TV. No clue why they had her stuck behind a podium that looked like a xylophone table from the Crate & Barrel Little House on the Prairie Collection. Brenna hadn’t slept for six months or so, and was already ripping everybody a new one before they got all the luggage through the front door. Sophia-Rayne had a pretty green dress on that made her look like Gladys Kravitz dressed as Delta Burke. Madison was either wearing too much blush or having a hot flash and went head to head with Nikki again.
Brenna knew she was beautiful, and kept saying it until some off-camera interviewer asked if she was beautiful and then her self doubts morphed into a not so beautiful complete Mariah Carey meltdown. Carla was just about ready to drag a baby up on stage to kill time with some impromptu ventriloquism when Mariah finally decided to grace the crowd with her presence.
Sophia-Rayne rocked it like a Native American Grand Marshal and the judges ate her up with a spoon. When Mariah finally made it up on stage, she was shrouded in what I originally thought was brimstone smoke from Nikki’s first arrival on Earth, but it turned out to just be dry ice for the Cleopatra coffin routine.
Despite all the drama, Brenna won Top Prize and got to have her picture taken standing inside a cardboard hot air balloon. My girl Carla said good night, told the room to drive safe and for everyone to meet her at Applebee’s for shooters. Dance Moms: The Real Housewives Of Pittsburgh Are All Back For One Last Chance To Say Hello And Goodbye. Premiering on Wednesday, June 2, the new season continues to follow young pageant queens in the making and the passionate moms and dads that make it all happen. The premiere episode follows the Le Maison de Paris pageant, where the talent is fierce in this Louisiana competition with $12,000 worth of cash and prizes.
We talked to Wood about pageant stigma, facials for 6-year-olds and why Eden's beauty queen days may be numbered. Mother of All Talent Stars Share Insight on Our Favorite Child StarsWho knows child stars better than two child talent agents? Summer TV's Hits & MissesIt was a summer that won't be remembered fondly, at least by the broadcast networks. Katie Cazorla may be a fan of Toddlers & Tiaras, but on Sunday's episode of Nail Files, she's learning that watching the drama and living it are two different things. Season three continues to follow young pageant queens in the making and the passionate moms and dads that make it all happen.
TLC cameras go behind-the-scenes to capture the reality of preparing, rehearsing and ultimately taking the stage to win the crown.

Among those in the southern competition—a diva in the making, 4-year-old Makenzie Myers, pageant newcomer 6-year-old Daisy Cutchins and fan favorite 9-year-old Alex Howe. When Wood realizes this interview is for a website not a magazine, she's much less pushy than you might expect for someone who fits the profile of "stage mom." She has "somewhat of a smattering" of a pageant history herself and started orchestrating Eden's pageant career when her daughter was just over a year old. Watch Toddlers & Tiaras videos Pageants seem like productions in themselves, and then you have a TV show on top of it.
Despite a flurry of new shows, from CBS' Dogs in the City to ABC's Glass House, there wasn't much to crow about — at least until NBC's Summer Olympics ratings juggernaut came along.
From swimwear to fake eyelashes, hair extensions to pearl necklaces, the third season showcases some of the most influential and sought-after child beauty pageants in the country. She starts the conversation singing Tony Basil's "Mickey" (in reference to her own name), describes her daughter as kicking some "bootay" onstage, exhibits the savvy of a reality-TV vet and expresses befuddlement over Leah Remini describing her daughter as "luscious" after she performed her must-be-heard-to-be-believed song "Cutie Patootie" on The Talk last year. We've been doing the pageant thing since she was 14, 15 months old, so it's almost an innate thing.
Is there any jealousy from other pageant moms that your child has a camera crew on her and theirs don't?Wood: You don't even have time [to notice].
It's like being on a train that's going 105 miles per hour with cars jumping in front of you. We have people that will say stuff to our agent or people that are with us, but as far as me being aware of it, me an Eden are in the zone. Speaking of them, there continues to be criticism directed at this show and child pageants in general: it's exploitative, it's a means of parents living vicariously through their children, it's dangerous, etc.
I respect people's opinions, but does that mean I'm going to change if I know this is something my child enjoys and loves? Educate yourself about something before you run your mouth on something you may have not even ever been to. Now, if she decided tomorrow that she wanted to do gymnastics or be a rodeo girl, I want to give her every opportunity to experience what life has within the boundaries of being a good parent.
I teach music and drama and I've seen so many kids, when asked to read in class, come to me and say, "Miss Wood, please can't you just give me my grades some other way?" They were just mortified to stand up and I don't want Eden to be scared. Wood: I've spent easily $100,000 in savings and Eden has made back maybe $40,000 or $50,000 in prizes.
We finished the last three songs on her album and we're getting ready to go on tour with two other little Toddlers & Tiaras girls. There were a few in Little Miss Sunshine, and there may have been some modeling gigs, but nothing to the magnitude of Eden.
She's gotten further than some people get in their whole careers just from being on that show.

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