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It’s Day 2 of our 31 Days of Indoor Fun for Toddlers challenge and I am recycling a very old sensory tub for Little Sister. Also, I love using a shower curtain liner whenever we do something inside that might get a little messy. This was Little Sister’s first experience with a sensory tub and I was a bit hesitant as she just recently stopped putting things in her mouth. Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies! Unless otherwise stated, each of the activities shared on this blog require adult supervision at ALL times. Our adorable personalised bean bags are like no others you'll find, thanks to their unique animal designs and ability to personalise - they're guaranteed to raise a smile or two! Warm weather is already tapering off , rain has been pounding down in many areas but kids still need to move, burn off energy and have fun doing it!  Over the years we’ve gathered many gross motor activities for preschoolers and all of these can be done rain or shine in your home.
The Easy Balance Beam shown above is as simple as can be but offers a million possibilities .
What could be more fun than knocking down your brother or sister and not getting in trouble?
Like the musical hearts game this simple activity turns physical tasks like jumping jacks , crab walk and high kicks into a game.

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Not only do they make a comfortable little seat, but the animal characters will make a fun and loveable friend. There are 14 lovely characters to choose from and they'll love seeing their own Name stitched beautifully in co-ordinating colours.
The inner bag of beans is removable so the outer cover can be machine washed at 40 Degrees. We’ve been pirates, played Simon Says on the beam, even played statue while standing on one leg.
This Family Bowling Game lets your kids have fun knocking down custom made bowling pins while they work on gross motor skills and coordination .
My son loved popping these blocks into the garbage bin and now my daughter likes to play it with bean bags and a basket.
I used leftover cotton quilt batting (felt would work well too), and double sided steam a seam and leftover quilt fabric.
I am a Kindergarten teacher and we are coming to the end of our school term (my first one ever as a Teacher!!).

Since she is my only girl and my last child (unless God says differently), her dresses are a little bit of a splurge of mine. How about this Carter’s Butterfly and Flower Polka Dots Strap Cover Buddies for Car Seats and Strollers.
I printed numbers in 300 point font, then put the steam a seam on the number fabric, cut out the numbers and steam a seamed them to the main fabric, which i then steam a seamed to the batting. How about this Baby Car Seat Infant Cover Red & Black…Augusta Baby Flower Reversible Car Seat Belt Strap Cover Augusta Baby Flower Reversible Car Seat Belt Strap Cover Need a little inspiration? How about this SheetWorld Fitted Pack N…Manito Sun Shade for Strollers and Car Seats (9 Available Colors) Manito Sun Shade for Strollers and Car Seats (9 Available Colors) Easy to install, free adjustable angle and portable.
Compatible on both strollers and car…Carter’s Reversible Strap Covers Carter's Reversible Strap Covers Need a little inspiration?
Need…Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Regular Butterfly, Butterfly Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Regular Butterfly, Butterfly Chemical free.

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