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Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time to shop for presents for your beautiful toddler. Not all of these beds are created equal, and with so many already on the market it can be difficult to know which beds are safe, quality options for your toddler.
An excellent choice that can stand the test of durability before your rambunctious little one.
Unlike previous entries, this bed also fits both Toddler and Twin mattresses, meaning the can grow with your child. Offered in blue or black, this bed comes with a box spring that has two separate height adjustments! By the time our children are around two-and-a-half to three years old, we (hopefully) have well-established sleep routines in place. If you are having another baby, perhaps consider putting the newborn in a pack-n-play or bassinet until you need to move her to a crib when she’s bigger. We ended up moving our daughter into a toddler bed at 2 years and 9 months because she was toilet trained and hating having a wet pull-up in the morning. You are in the best position to decide if you and your 2yr old are ready for her to be in a big kid bed. Personally, I think providing your child with a bed that isn’t too overwhelming will make the transition from crib to bed easier, so I prefer a toddler bed or a twin bed. If you have family and friends often, consider a wooden daybed with natural mattress and storage drawer. Wooden day bed natural mattress storage drawer change to a spare bedroom that can double as a home office, game room, exercise room and more. Find this before leaving: Wooden Daybed with Heart-cutout Design Ideas Wood made daybed with storage built from mahogany solids and engineered wood in a multi-step white finish with solid wood slats for strength and stability.
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We’re in the process of building a house and as its completion date gets closer I’m getting so anxious to move in, not just to enjoy our own space, but I really want our stuff back! I love any furniture pieces that can do double duty (or more!) and with a trundle ($300) and the built-in bench, this is a really practical and beautiful piece. It coordinates with any other Oeuf furniture pieces for easy mixing and matching of whatever furniture combination you need. A perennial favorite on BuyModernBaby, Monte Design has a few new things in store for 2013. So we’ve been waiting for the debut of the new Dutailier, and you should now be seeing these online and in stores. Monte was my first stop on the floor of the ABC Kids Expo.  Ralph Montemurro was on hand to show me their brand new twin Dorma Bed, which is a fully upholstered bed with headboard, footboard and side rails. There is also a new ottoman for the Joya Rocker and a new Heather Grey color shown here on a Luca Glider. One thing I was really looking forward to about the ABC Kids Expo this year was meeting Mod Mom Kiersten and checking out her new furniture pieces. I was not disappointed with either.  Kiersten is as lovely as you may imagine, and the new twin bed and dressers have a few tricks up their sleeves!
Part of the Owyn furniture collection (which already includes the toy box and table and stool set) the new pieces are the beginning of a new chapter for Mod Mom Furniture. The Owyn Platform Bed ($900) features a reversible headboard so you can choose to use the bed as shown or use the other side with the natural wood stain and a small walnut bird detail. The Owyn 3 Drawer Dresser ($1,100) and the 5 Drawer Dresser ($1300) are each beautiful separately, but if you set them side by side, the branch design connects from one to the other.  So clever!
There is also a matching nightstand to complete the set (not pictured).  I’ll let you know as soon as these new items are available!
I also have to mention that Kiersten was also giving out wonderful little goodie bags and check out one thing I found in mine!
The photos of the different bunk combinations really have me thinking, and I particularly love the idea of having Oeuf’s library underneath the loft.  How much would your tweens love a lounge area like that?
As I mentioned in October, one of my favorite features of the Perch is that the beds are lower than with many other bunk beds on the market.  A parent can more easily check on the top child, and the bottom is more accessible for younger children.

If you are going to purchase one, please consider using my affiliate links so I can start saving up for my own Perch!
9- Credenza with Grass Green doors and 2 extra Interior Shelves from loadbearing- $1034 plus the extra shelves.  These are highly customizable. If they’re too old for a crib, but too young for a larger bed, then why not a race car bed? Not to worry, we’ve done the work for you, and listed the top four race car beds for your toddler this season.
This bed sports a fun red and blue motif that will have your toddler grinning from ear to ear. Built by Little Tikes, one of America’s most reputable companies, this bed is durable, and of superb quality. This bed designed modeled to resemble an actual Corvette Z06, with stunning attention to detail. The Sports Car Twin Bed is a top quality, durable solution for the boy or girl that can’t wait to race off to slumber. As it is manufactured by Little Tikes, you can rest assured that the bed is well crafted out of quality materials that can whether the most excitable of racers for as long as you have it in your home. So this holiday season, satisfy the race car driver in your little one, and give them a reason to smile on Christmas morning. Our toddlers are able to communicate with us, are more aware of their surroundings and have a great sense of humor. If that’s not acceptable, you might want to borrow a crib from a friend.  Anything you can do to delay this transition will be worthwhile in the end.
The crib was at the lowest level, he was in a sleep sack and he was STILL climbing out of the crib in protest of going to bed.
She is usually a later sleeper and in the morning and will lay in there talking or singing to herself until I come get her. My daughter (2 years and 3 months) has climbed out during nap time, but not at nighttime (yet). If you are concerned she may hurt herself getting out of the crib, assess the environment and see if you can make any changes to prevent injury. Or put a few books or soft toys in the crib so she can play quietly until you come to get her.
A black wood daybed with storage offers flexibility in that it can be used as a twin bed or a seat in the sitting room to relax. Features two large storage drawers with full extension side guides, hidden drawer fronts and brushed nickel hardware, curved back and side panels and unadorned finials and feet.
You KNOW Dutailier knows how to make a comfy glider, but now they’re making ones that are beautiful enough to fit into your modern nursery design. Race car beds are bed frames in the shape of a race car, and will delight your little boy or girl, even as they race into their dreams!
The bed is built low to the ground to ensure easy access, and even has a bench built into the foot of the bed for your little racer to sit in when he’s not racing in his dreams. If your toddler is a fan of this movie, then they’ll find the intricate and accurate reproduction of this fan favorite an absolute delight. The car comes in a fiery red, cool silver, or stylish black color, to suit your child’s taste. We decided that putting her in a bed so that she could use the potty we left in her room in the morning would be worth it. I’m still trying to delay the transition, but others tell me once they can get out, you need to move them to a bed for safety reasons. Try using a clock like the type we reference and set it for a little earlier than you want her to wake from her nap. The most important thing is safety, so make sure the bed frame, mattress, and bedding are all safe and secure.
Construction mahogany solids and engineered wood in a multi-step Black finish with solid wood slats for strength and stability. If you need more storage space, consider a wooden daybed with storage, it can come in the form of shelves or drawers.

Wood day beds with pop-up trundle can turn into a king sized bed surface while a lot of wood daybeds have trundles drawer. Daybed offers flexibility in that it can be used as a twin bed or a seat in the sitting room to relax. These beds are great for children who have a love for race cars, and want to imagine driving their own. This bed will not only serve its purpose for as long you require, but will look great doing so!
Thinking back on that transition, I’m not sure what else we could have done differently given the challenge we faced – but it was pretty horrible.
Then our vacation ruined everything, and it was another almost six months before he started staying in bed. If so, then moving her to a bed will just facilitate this behavior that presumably you’d like to deter. If you want a broad choice of white wood daybed with storage, you will find it on a wooden cot. Starting with the amazingly strong, solid frame and good-looking design of our range, we add our function accessories bunk beds.
White wooden daybeds popular beach houses and vacation homes, providing flexible accommodation.
Race car beds also make great centerpieces for your toddler’s race themed room, or even a playroom.
Maybe we think it will be easier for us as parents when our kids can become more self-reliant and get in and out of bed when needed. However, you’ve made me realize that I think she really would be fine to stay in the crib as long as we do a better job of managing nap time and not causing her to be overtired and angry about nap. Bedford daybed with storage built from mahogany solids and engineered wood in a multi-step black finish with solid wood slats for strength and stability.
Humble Abode offers the best prices of wood daybeds modern and traditional in oak, cherry, light wood such as birch or dark brown as espresso, walnut or mahogany. It turns out that you can display all the days of the month with only two blocks although each block has only six faces. Though if I were in the market for a bed for him today, I’d have to consider the River Twin Bed ($740). Whatever stage you are in feels like the worst, and some more experienced mother or father will tell you, “Just wait” – as if that’s helpful! The truth is, this transition is pretty tough and delaying it is really the best thing you can do for your entire family!  Please don’t move your child into a bed until she is three-years-old. I believe if we had been able to wait a few more months, the transition would have been smoother. Teaching your daughter that she needs to stay in her crib (or in her bed) until the appropriate time is your next challenge.
Features such as two large storage drawers with full extension side guides, a hidden drawer fronts and brushed nickel hardware, curved back and side panels, and finials unadorned and legs.
Well, we’re here to tell you that you can do it – that sleep is just another one of the challenges that comes with having a toddler. Two reasons why families may need to do this earlier might be a new baby on the way who will need the crib and toilet training. Daybed offers flexibility in that it can be used as a solid wood daybed with storage or a seat in the sitting room to relax – Click here to see Wooden Daybed with Trundle Mattress best choices. But the direction of the assembly includes not very good – if it costs more to add actual words ??
Another loft bed is elevated above the dressing table and offer plenty of storage space under the bed. It is the futon floppy and not even long enough to fit the bed and you can feel the grating deck suspension when you lie on it.

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