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When you want to help your child learn how to read, reading to him is one of the first steps. There are many books that you can buy to read aloud to your toddler that will help him with his reading fluency.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar: miniature edition is an excellent choice for reading aloud to a toddler. This book is good for teaching your little one to read because it has easy to read sentences with bright drawings, and it’s interactive so it holds a child’s attention. Among Kaden’s books, I still feel this is one of the most beautiful children books he has. The book by author Karen Katz begins with a crying baby and the kisses are a way to try and soothe the baby to sleep.
The story is about Sam-I-Am as he tries to get the other character to try green eggs and ham.

The book is the story of a baby bird that, after leaving his nest, goes in search of his mother. DISCLOSUREPlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. First Steps in Prayer[BH-2663]28-page Padded Boardbook, 12-song CD$8.99 each"First Steps in Prayer" is a beginner's collection of 12 inspirational stories teaching young children that they can pray no matter where they are or how they feel.
You might be interested in these titles as wellFirst Steps in the Bible [BH-2672]28-page Padded Boardbook, 12-song CD"First Steps in the Bible" is a beginner's collection of 12 heart warming stories teaching children about God's Word! When a child is read to, they not only desire to learn how to read for themselves, they do better overall at reading.
It’s a counting book using easy words in simple sentences that your child will be able to identify. In the end, his persistence pays off and the other character declares his delight with the food.

One of the reasons that this is a great book to help your toddler learn to read with, is because the format of the book keeps a limited amount of words on each page.
These top books for toddlers will ensure that both you and your child will have a great time reading together. Because it uses easy, rhyming words to tell the story, it’s easier for your child to learn to read. It alternates short and long sentences using words that are easy for a toddler to sound out.

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