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Following delivery complications Kayden Kinckle had to have his right foot and left leg amputated.
The group calling itself Demand Democracy is looking for greater disclosure on ethics reforms and campaign finance, among other changes. Seven out of nine New York Republicans in the House supported an amendment protecting LGBT employees from discrimination as others switched their votes. Aziz Hicks of Georgia was arrested Friday in the Cortland city drug bust, and police say they're still looking for others involved.
Print out, color, cut out and fold these printable zoo animals into three-dimensional paper figures. To allow the animal to stand on its legs, fold both sides near the start of the legs inwards.

While keeping the neck folded, starting at the base of the head, fold the head back inward.
While keeping the paper animal folded along the middle, fold along the dotted diagonal line closer to the head. Again, keeping the paper animal folded along the middle, fold along the dotted diagonal farther from the head. While pinching the creased triangular area in the neck, push the torso inwards along the middle. To make a home for your paper animals, check out our Box Zoo and African Savanna Habitat Diorama crafts.
The Infant & Toddler Forum have provided a practical, easy-to-follow guide on what food to offer, what behaviour to encourage, and how best to manage mealtimes.

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Make spotted wild cats like the leopard, jaguar or cheetah by coloring the animal yellow or light brown and making small black spots. You can make a black bear, brown bear, polar bear, or panda bear, depending on how you color the template.
Further gluing on short strips of orange crepe paper all around the back of the head can turn it into a lion.

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