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APS has the knowledge, expertise and technology, to achieve standards and solutions that are considered to be among the best in the food industry. Process pipework and fabrication Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and process engineering. They identified letters of the alphabet by touch, counted blocks behind their backs by touch, and felt objects inside a bag and identified them by touch. We ended the day by listening to recordings of animal sounds and singing the Goodbye Song in animal voices. The theme for Spring Preschool this year is "My Five Senses." Today we learned about the sense of sight. With the damage that has occurred to some buildings, and the fact that many foreigners are leaving or have left Japan, a few people have expressed concern about the continued operation of our school. New Hope International School in Tokyo, Japan is two schools in one, an international preschool and an English school.

Fun activities for teaching the sense of smell –  finger print flowers are dusted with cinnamon and vanilla!
Different activities for the sense of touch including a game of touch made with hand print cut outs.
We read Eric Carle's Pancakes, Pancakes! and then sampled pancakes with two toppings, honey and whipped cream.
We read several Touch and Feel Stories and sang a tickling song during morning circle. Then they made hands with the five fingers touching hard beads, soft cotton, rough sandpaper, smooth craft sponges, and sticky tape. The older group practiced "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on handbells and performed it for the younger children.
They got some scissors practice by cutting up little pieces of paper, and more work on fine motor skills by peeling off and applying stickers.

First, we read Leo Lioni's "A Color of His Own." It's a story about a chameleon who can't figure out what color he should be. That led us into our next story, "Priscilla and the Pink Planet." It's about a girl who gets sick of living on a planet where everything is pink. I hope that you and your loved ones are all fine after the earthquake and tsunami, and that life is returning to normal for you. Then we made colored "binoculars" with cellophane paper so the kids could see what it would look like if everything were the same color.
We will hold Spring Preschool next week as planned (there are still some spaces available if anyone is interested).

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