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Or at the very least, I hope he asks June Shannon why she thought it was a good idea to combine Red Bull and Mountain Dew, name it GoGo Juice and give it to her young daughter. Not only is the whole concept of toddlers and tiaras is disgusting, so is the outfit and the look on the daughter and mother’s faces. BUT production of the show nearly came to a screeching halt shortly after filming began in March when investigators from Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Ser­vices made an unannounced visit to the family’s home.
But the authorities didn’t get in­volved until a videotape of Honey Boo Boo dancing for dollars on a ta­ble in a bar was posted online.
In the scene, which was not filmed by TLC, mom June defended her daugh­ter’s actions by explaining that it was a college bar, not a “sleazy” one. Investigators found reason to bring the case to court, but June’s court-appointed at­torney was able to convince the judge to throw it out, and film­ing resumed in May.
The first episode of the show – which showcases a whole lot of belly-slapping and gas-passing – drew an impressive 2.2 million viewers, but it also received a con­siderable amount of criticism. And that criticism is bound to increase later in the season after Alana’s 17-year-old sister Anna, aka “Chickadee,” gives birth to a baby girl with two right thumbs – and grandma June makes fun of the defect! Meanwhile, Starcasm found that Honey Boo Boo’s mom, June Shannon, has an arrest record in Georgia, most likely from missed child support payments. She is a little kid and already weighs either 70 or 80 pounds, can’t remember, vicodin haze from yesterday. At least they are not in the bathroom snorting coke, in a loveless marriage, F’ing the assistant, beating the kids all while going to church acting like life is great. And I’m sure you made A HELL of lot more as a model as the rest of us did at our crappy pizza parlor jobs! So, what you’re saying, Marie Antoinette, is that the ends (money) justify the means? All they are is uneducated and crass and making a buck off it–which means you can’t even call them stupid! Acting bratty, brash and rude is not the same thing as having a personality, but I have caught the teasers for the toddler’s in tiara shows and they seem to have that confused as well. Always loved her on Toddlers and Tiaras there was something special about her, seemed beyond her years.

I haven’t seen the show but looked at the promo clip that everybody was snarking about. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
After secretly watching this show for years and flipping the channel anytime my roommate came home, I’m now proud to talk about it aloud. Complete with costumes and makeup, these moms will now experience firsthand what their daughters endure every time they are forced to compete. I would love to know why so many of the mothers insist on their daughters looking flawless at the pageants while they show up wearing mom jeans, a Winnie-the-Pooh shirt and a messy ponytail.
Honey Boo Boo’s 17 year-old sister has a baby with two right thumbs, which her family then makes fun of. They can’t mandate that people not give their kids Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull, not let them dance on tables, and not teach them witty phrases that hookers would say.
It’s thought that her oldest daughter, the one who is pregnant on the show, might have a different father than the man June is currently married to. Yesterday while confined to bed, I wound up watching this, kardashians, wedding dress shows, in short every trashy show we talk about.
Producers don’t have to pay actors or screenwriters on these reality sh*tstorm shows. These people are disgusting, neglectful, abusive and complete nightmares of gene pools, to quote Berke Breathed. Having your six year old child dance in bars to get you money makes you a selfish piece of crap living off a first grader.
I mean of course its just odd having such a hillbilly family on a reality show anyway but you can see they all love each other.
They are gross as all get out, but they are all very close & really do seem to care for each other. Drew had little Alana and her mom on his show, where he asked about the go go juice and even gave it a try himself. Seeing the mother of Honey Boo Boo Child, June Shannon, dresssed up like she’s entering a pageant.

Which is good news, because it means it wasn’t statutory rape when she conceived the girl at 15. The only one that I get real laughs out of is my big fat gypsy wedding, now there is some awesomeness! Watching that little girl prostitute herself to get money for her family and do things she thinks are adorable is hideous.
I actually think Honey is probably the smartest one out of them all – her personality is off the charts and the things that come out of her mouth sometimes amazes me. Check out the kid-oriented breakfast cereal aisle and then wander over to the snack aisle, with all the junk conveniently packaged for lunch boxes and of course discounted for back-to-school sales.
Anderson is joined by veteran pageant girls as well as the newest addition, Alana, “Honey Boo Boo Child,” and their mothers to discuss controversial methods these moms use to motivate their daughters, includinggiving them hyper-caffeinated drinks and making them count calories. Her case was about to go to trial when her family’s court-appointed lawyer was successful in getting it dismissed. Are ratings so important that they’ll constantly ride the line of child neglect and abuse?
I really want to let TLC know that their choices of programming is bordering on aiding child abusers. Notice what is packed in Lunchables and the like- most of the calories come from sugar, you might as well save a lot of money and just pour the granulated sugar into a baggie and send that along with your kiddie for lunch. Then after years of struggling with severe depression and anxiety, my doctors finally found medications which worked and enabled me to live a relatively normal life.
But whatever- all the prudes pointing out you don’t feed children Red Bull (to get their energy up) or that kids should go to school or that putting a little kid up on bars to perform for cash must be wrong. They seemed to just be a family that liked hanging out with each other and that did a lot more stuff together than mine ever did… Nicer than the Kardashians at least.

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