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When you choose Baby Kneez, you can be confident that you are providing the very best for your child’s comfort and safety when bare knees are not always practical. Knee protection saves their pain and ours when the skinning, bruising or hurt, is no longer there. When we were sixteen weeks into the pregnancy, there was a concern with “measurements,” and so an ultrasound was ordered.
We had made a commitment early in our relationship to follow God’s word and trust Him. How can the gift of life bring us closer to seeing trials through eyes filled with eternity in mind? If you are a father and your pain seems to be lost in the movement of time, I would encourage you to find strength in His love and healing. About Dan McCarthyNever expecting such a full and amazing life after meeting his wife September on a blind date, Dan is thankful for their 24 years of marriage, and a quiver full home of ten children.

Remember when playground equipment was made out of wood and not the hard plastic that most seem to be made of now?
1 - Concussions are pretty much the only injury you CAN realitically get on modern plastic safety-designed playground equipment. This reminds me of something I read a while back about football (American Armoured Wankball, not European Grass-Diving).That article made the point that as protective equipment got better, players felt free to hit harder and more recklessly, with the idea that their equipment would protect them.
We had already suffered a miscarriage, but were rejoicing in the news that we were expecting again.
The thirty foot tall ones they've been tearing out for the last 20 - 30 years, oh hells yea, that's why it was fun.
I know you'll burn yourself on a metal slide in the summer but the acceleration is worth it. So the kids play and climb and act recklessly until they get a concussion instead of some other injury like a broken bone or a cut or a skinned knee.2 - Playgrounds probably represent a greater amount of kids' outdoor playtime now than they did before electronic entertainment took over.

I was born in 1981 but spent my youth biking around the neighborhood and through the woods. He wound up face down, half under the thing as it continued to spin, whacking the back of his head each time he tried to get up.
There were pictures to treasure, a memorial service to proclaim His good news, and He was still with us.
There were still moderately high swings and overhead bars you could climb on top of.I get the feeling most people are raised indoors today and the playgrounds I see suck.

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